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  1. Havent seen this posted elsewhere but: http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/West-Ham-Blackburn-transfer-news-El-Hadji-Diouf-would-be-fantastic-to-work-with-Sam-Allardyce-at-a-third-club-article744151.html
  2. Unconfirmed rumours of Blackpool Away which would be a bit closer for you aswell. Supposed to be Tuesday 19th July but nothing confirmed yet
  3. Quality atmosphere during and after the game. Build My Gallows was superb. Not the first time fans have stopped to applaud and take photos/videos of us. Valencia players were applauding us aswell. Brilliant
  4. Think they say that about every ticket but there has been people that have had reprints for Parkhead
  5. Cant be bothered going back all the way but heres the last 5 seasons worth of games that Ive attended Rangers: 8 Wins Them: 9 Wins Draw: 4 Games Celtic 2-1 Rangers 04/05/2010 Rangers 1-0 Celtic 28/02/2010 Celtic 1-1 Rangers 03/01/2010 Rangers 2-1 Celtic 04/10/2009 Rangers 1-0 Celtic 09/05/2009 Rangers 0-2 Celtic 15/03/2009 Celtic 0-0 Rangers 15/02/2009 Rangers 0-1 Celtic 27/12/2008 Celtic 2-4 Rangers 31/08/2008 Celtic 3-2 Rangers 27/04/2008 Celtic 2-1 Rangers 16/04/2008 Rangers 1-0 Celtic 29/03/2008 Rangers 3-0 Celtic 20/10/2007 Rangers 2-0 Celtic 05/05/2007 Celtic 0-1 Rangers 11/03/2007 Ran
  6. Recently its been easier, about 75% of the OF Home games over the last few seasons Ive seen atleast 1 spare. Sometimes a lot more aswell (if we are struggling in the league anyway) Hardly see any for the Piggery though, only seen a couple in the league. Saw 1 for the last game last season. Its easier if we are not doing too well though or if its in the cup
  7. Thats what I thought too but electricity for the day, extra staff being there, concourse staff to be there etc so Ibrox wont be too cheap to have the AGM at either? Id assume the Clyde Auditorium is cheaper or very similar to the cost of having it at Ibrox, Im sure they would think about that
  8. Went to the AGM last year and it was baltic! Day before I left for Sevilla I think. Bit earlier this year, not sure if Ill be heading along to it or not
  9. Both clubs agree the price to charge both sets of fans so £40 for us, £40 for them
  10. Confirmed as £40 this year! Email just through
  11. Details just through. Coaches Boarding at 9.30am Coaches Leaving at 10am Arrive in Wigan at 2pm Coach Boarding to Old Trafford at 4.30pm Coaches Leave at 5pm Return to Ibrox at 1am approx
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