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  1. Understand that. I'd also like to see a breakdown of non-operating costs of c.£16m. Seems extremely high to me. Given that the management and board are clearly being too generously compensated why can't we all agree that it requires more transparency and more "heavyweight" finance guys on the board? Doesn't need to be an US and THEM argument which seems to be going on. Just some proper financial controls, executives paid at a less "generous" rate and a review of the management team salary. I'd be surprised if Terry Butcher was getting more than £100k at Inverness for example - we're paying £2.
  2. No but i think a groundsman gets paid £15k per year, someone in the ticket office £10k. Unless we hired an extra couple of hundred people that figure seems extremely high to me.
  3. Boss - this is where I'm confused. £17.8m of staff costs minus £7.8m of player costs = £10m on mgt and board. We know the mgt team are being paid way too much (c.£2.2m for the 3) but that leaves c.£7m going out via the board / owners???? For what??? Without these guys taking exorbitant bonuses and salaries the accounts would be ok - but they are. Why is everyone happy with this?
  4. Don't understand the optimism guys when we have over £10m of staff costs not related to playing staff. Assuming Mccoist and his team are being paid (criminally) c.£2.2m thats best part of £7m being taken out of the club by the board/owners??? Am i missing something obvious?
  5. We sold a 28yr old CH who was in his last year of contract and didn't want to be here. We'd be signing a 28yr old centre half on a 4yr deal for c. £3m. From all accounts this lad is top drawer and if we got him around that price our spending would be roughly:- £3m Juhasz £1.5m Wallace £0.5m Goian £0.4m Ortiz £5.4m Ins £1.7m Boogie £0.9m Adam £2.6m Outs So even with Juhasz we'd only have spent net £2.8m to £3m. I'd imagine leaving us funds for 2 more decent signings - a striker and a left winger if Whyte's noises about front loading investment are genuine.
  6. Did you see our defending last season? We were extremely suspect at times and all good sides have been built from the back (unless you're Barca). I'd be delighted if we signed Juhasz (and sold Broadfoot). We'd then have Whittaker/Bartley who could play right back, Juhasz/Bartley/Goian/Weir for centre half and Papac/Wallace for right back. We then need a left winger and a striker (assuming Bedoya and McKay come in to freshen up MF). Even with £3.5m on Juhasz we'll only have spent about £2.5m NET so should have plenty of room for another couple of signings or perhaps Ally has some good loans l
  7. Hi mate - you seem to know the player. What kind of centre half is he and what qualities would you say he brought? Cheers GF
  8. Go and meet the chairman of Den Haag. How much you looking for? 2.5m. Ok we're keen to get him an he wants to come but the max I can got to is 2.2m - I'll include a 15% sell on though. Do we have a deal? Or we could just send another fucking email!
  9. It's not £10m - it's £20m i'm afraid. Our inability to land 3 or 4 first team level players has left our jacket on a shoogly peg in the CL. We can still do it but we need a massive improvement.
  10. I really want McCoist to be successful but he looks a wee bit lost. Last night it was as if he was waiting for Smith to come down from the stand and tell him the belated 75th minute sub to make. Granted we have a small squad but Wylde, Healy and Hemmings (who has pace and looked bright pre season) would all have offered more in the 2nd half than Edu last night. He was playing in a weird defensive inside right position in the 2nd half and all our attacks were coming down the left. Naismith is much better facing the goals rather than with his back to them - he should play on the right where he
  11. Does Goodwillie play bass? Cuellar or Juhasz, DGW, a Kevin Thomson type CM and a left winger and i'll be delighted.
  12. Or Davie "Clydebank" Cooper. Or Bobby "Shettleston Juniors" Russell. Or Tommy "Kilmarnock" McLean etc etc.... I've not see enough of Davidson to make a call myself. However like DBBTB - i did suggest on another thread that McInnes and The Boss are best mates (he was also a pretty accomplished midfielder himself) and i'm sure he'd be giving Mr McCoist good advice on the lad. If both of these guys think he's a player then they're better judges than almost all of us on here to be fair.
  13. Good signing - left back who can play left midfield. Much better going forward than The Papac. It's a bit pricey given the contract situ but he's only 23 and will improve. Best Scottish LB around so makes sense. Think we must be pretty confident of getting Goodwillie if we've not upped the bid for Miller. Would have liked Miller back but i'd rather have GW if it was a choice between two.
  14. Everyone involved in the mgt of the club want to sign players but it's proving difficult. Clubs and players are early in their pre-seasons and all holding out to see if there is a better deal out there. That's why so much business usually happens in the last couple of days of the window. We've resigned key assets and had bids accepted for terrific players lime Cuellar - let's give them a bit of space to get the job done.
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