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  1. The funny thing is, if the taigs had goals chopped off that were over the line like the goals hearts and we scored against them, and they were 4 points behind us, we would never, ever be let to forget it. It would be proof that all refs were masons. We just fucking get on with it! Ally has barely mentioned it.
  2. Diouf likened him to Zidane in an interview!!!!!
  3. Disgustingly, this is true. Surprised Leggat hasnt mentioned it.
  4. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/editor-s-picks-ignore/rangers-chairman-sceptical-about-ellis-takeover-bid-1.1028614 Ellis' spokesman is not allowed to comment but if you read FF, the attention seeking fantasist NorthamptonLoyalist has been on the phone to him again Let me guess, a bid is imminent?
  5. A massive problem for likes of Alexander is the fact there is no reserve league. He has hardly any match practice. Your right, though, every time a cross came in our box my heart was in my mouth with Alexannder flapping all over the place.
  6. mrblue


    Spot on. I always wondered why walter never gave stevie smith a chance- now I know. Zero commitment in any physical battles.
  7. i have some sympathy as he has taken the poisoned chalice of playing left midfield. I felt he was a lot better in the second half when played on the right. First half he was hopeless, mind you.
  8. Rotten has delusions on his own ability. He cant accept he is crap, he would rather think the whole spl dragged him down. One of the few former Rangers players I hate.
  9. What no Lafferty?... Aye, that would be my team aswell. If Beasley breaks a nail before Saturday then Fleck for him.
  10. Even in Europe the Tims have some excuse for losing. Remember after the Uefa Cup final against Porto, all you heard was how Porto are a shower of cheats and robbed Celtic. Contrast that with Rangers, who despite having a good penalty claim against Zenit in the scond half of our Uefa cup final, never mention it, instead freely admit Zenit were the better team and deserved to win.
  11. Aye, I did aswell. Partly because it was a goal mouth scramble and I kept thinking that Boyd might have fouled Boruc cos it all happened so fast and that the ref was going to chop it off. Of course, he didnt and got it spot on!
  12. Aswell, how many times does Mopery say "Im not going to give excuses but..." then lists 15 excuses!
  13. The c.£9m for players was known about. See the Accounts, note 15 Creditors - the amount shown under "Trade creditors" was £8.637m. In addition, some or all of the £0.5m shown in note 27 may have become due if certain players had reached so many games etc. Also, AJ made mention of these trade creditors at the AGM (I seem to recall him saying about £7m had been paid, but I'm happy for someone with a less alcohol-damaged memory to correct me). So no surprises. http://home.rangersmedia.co.uk/accounts/2009.pdf In that case, maybe I should change that to "I hadnt heard about until yesterday" If yo
  14. Beasley played in the mid week bounce game. I reckon he will start ahead of Fleck in Muffs team.
  15. I agree. Great post. Thats a good point about the 9 million owed for players which no fans had heard of until yesterday. That was burried amongst the good news, but must have been a major problem for the board. Lets face it, no wonder we didnt buy any players in the summer- we spent 9 million on players we already had! I did get the impression from AJ the bank was puting us under a lot of pressure, however, with strict budgets, but that we didnt have any choice in the matter. He seemed to be saying that the bank was a neccessary evil until we got a new owner.
  16. I think part of the problem is that rumour gets repeated enough (including in the press)that it gets taken as fact. For example, the price of the club being the 32m debt. I dont think this is the case and no official source has ever confirmed that this is the price of the club. As AJ has said the debt is not an immediate problem, so why would MIH sell its shares for nothing when Rangers have the capacity to pay the debt without the aid of MIH. In terms of MIH syphoning off our profits I dont think thats the case. Lets face facts, for years Rangers have been run at a loss due to over spending
  17. The difference between making it and not as a pro footballer is pretty small. When youngsters get signed they do so on talent, but plenty dont progress, have the mental strength or just get bored with football (esp youngsters released by big clubs).
  18. When he signed I think he said he hoped to get a run out in the first team at some point this season. We wont be spending much money until we get a new buyer so its essential that we produce one or two youngsters each season to compete in the first team squad. That might not be the worst thing in the world, cos , for example, Danny Wilson looks a far better defender than any of the tripe Celtic has signed this season.
  19. Ive only seem snippets on Rangers tv. He is a big, bustling type of centre forward with decent pace. Looks a good athlete. I am not so sure about his technical ability, but as I said, Ive only seen clips of him.
  20. The best part is that this is clearly a rumour made up by Tims to fool Rangers fans. Unfortunately, no Rangers fan believes it and the only people they are fooling is fellow Celtic fans! How stupid are these idiots!
  21. mrblue

    John Fleck

    I heard he had the flu aswell. However, its not been in any official sources.
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