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  1. I'm glad about that mate as I forgot to nip down and get a ticket. ;-)
  2. As far as I know the KRSC, donate to a lot of worthwhile charities each time they have any sort of gathering and on this occasion they have chosen this one, Ps, that is my thoughts and not of the KRSC.
  3. Does it really matter Who restores Mr Struths grave ? If it's the Kirkie Rangers SC or SOS or anyone else for that matter we should just be happy that the Greatest manager our club has ever had is going to be refurbished to its former glory .
  4. I'm not going to quote how many £ s, but the players got what they asked for and " her Dad " got an amount that the Venue were happy to pay ! so both Parties got what they wanted ! So what's wrong with that ?
  5. I think you will find that " her Dad " actually helped Nacho out through his Lean time when he never had a club to play for, and as it turns out more and more players were Aproching " her Dad " to get some Q & A nights arranged for them, yes he made a small amount but that was NOT part of the players payments.
  6. Would you " grass " your mate up ? I'm quite sure I wouldn't unless it was something Really serious.
  7. A lot of people on here seem to disregard the FACT , Yes she held the flare up, but SHE DID NOT THROW IT ONTO THE PITCH ! so why should she be the one to pay for the damage ? Yes she should get her arse kicked for being daft enough to wave it around but for her to be hounded like this is ridiculous .
  8. Looking forward to your show in the Kirkintilloch RSC, heard good things about your show. :-)
  9. Looking forward to seeing this, have heard good things about it. :-)
  10. Sorry mate, read the above post if you need any help getting these badges.
  11. If you guys Don't get any joy getting these badges give me a shout as I have a few which I can pass on.
  12. Moonlighter broke this sad news to me yesterday and I was shocked as like many on here I did not know he was so ill, I was fortunate enough to have spent a few nights out having a few ( ok Many ) beers with him on a couple of the FF Subcrawls , I didn't know him that well but realised in that short time that he was a Gentleman. :-(
  13. Get yourself booked up mate, they run a tour every month but get in quick as it tends to sell out pretty quickly. Thegallantpioneers.co.uk
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