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  1. Sorry for another annoying bump but I was thinking about this the other day... what an amazing thread this was
  2. Stay in a flat in Glasgow but home is Lochwinnoch
  3. A few people probably remember posting on this thread a while back I was sent an email telling me I've been given a place at Purdue University.... I DONT WANT TO GO THERE They allocated me my worst option going by what people have said about it. Raging
  4. If I broke up with my girlfriend and one of my 'mates' was getting battered into her, i'd fucking smash him
  5. I wanted him to play. He has never performed against us. Fuck sake he has never performed for them at all!
  6. I'm being told some guy at the game had "haha 66" on his top Genuinely hope the creature in question falls down the stairs on the way home and breaks his neck
  7. Always got pelters when he played against us and rightly so, what a wee rhat bastard
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