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  1. put a motherfucking donk on it

  2. just fucked up your HAHAHA topic. dont know what the hell happened.

  3. put a donk on it.

  4. MATE wildcard voting is up! http://www.tennents.com/rangers/chbap/#header-1 thats the link get people to vote me on here man and vote for me yersel :D

  5. u kno any1 who got a wildcard?

  6. cheers mucker i reckon if i get a good vote of confidence here and i get all my mates to vote i should get a fair few like

  7. good shit mate, gonna post it on here for me if i do? you being more respected and shit?

  8. i never made it mate, graeme did ive got my wildcard it

  9. me or graham havent had shit yet either fuckin irritating!

  10. u had an email yet mucker?

  11. fancy the inverness game?

  12. St.Mirren tickets wanted m8 !!!!! geees a PM,

  13. ill see you tonight ;)

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