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  1. This really is the lowest of the low and I sincerely hope the wee cunt get what’s coming to him there’s zero excuse for that. We have had literally TWO WEEKS of stories about the line said to Scott Brown which was absolutely awful but this is even worse imo. I’m sure it will be double standards yet again however.
  2. Don’t think he’s going to start on Saturday but praying that he does, give him an hour then start again Thursday 😍
  3. I’m not, why are you making a deal out of the fact I said I don’t like women’s football?! 😂🥴 pipe down - you like it, I don’t, you’ll watch it, I won’t end of story 👍🏼 Not criticised anyone who does.
  4. I don’t want them to stop playing, they can batter on as much as they want, each to their own I’ve just zero interest in watching or reading about it
  5. Also spare me the sexist pish, it’s fuck all to do with the fact they’re women it’s because they’re absolutely shite.
  6. Just canny go women’s football at all it’s absolutely fucking rotten. Would rather watch a game of subbuteo than the two best women’s teams in the world playing each other.
  7. I want him back at the Hummel ASAP if he’s broken a fucking nail
  8. I think given the fact we lost the OF game and are 3 points behind, the pressure is very much on us at the moment to string wins together. its a small margin of course, but we are behind and chasing and every single game should be a cup final to stop these bastards.
  9. Absolutely desperate to unleash the wee man, 8 days and counting.....
  10. I thought Barasic was having one of his best games for us (I mean, still a 7/10) before he came off against Legia perhaps riding the wave from the St Mirren game. Either way, as others have mentioned this is his chance to step up to the plate and have a run of games. And I do hope he gets a run of games, I don’t want to see Halliday in there besides perhaps the Livi cup game...
  11. I saw this 😂😂😂 how random. The guy was released by Zenit at 33 after playing a handful of games due to struggles with injuries. He was probably commanding a decent wedge as well still. Can’t see any truth in this one.
  12. He must have seriously fucked Gerrard off
  13. No real objections to the price of the tickets they’re not all that unreasonable of you ask me given the context of the going rate previously - it’s timing, payment methodology and amount of notice which is simply wrong and needs to be looked at. The same feedback was given last year on the exact same issue with absolutely nothing having been taken on board.
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