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  1. where you gone...?

  2. You OK Ritchie...??

  3. Hi Ritchie!!.. How goes it...?! x

  4. thank fuck youv no got a pic up u broke the cam a heard your bros a pedo got caught interferin wae a 5 year old lassie down the dack ov an alley in tollcross bawbag sack ae pish lol

  5. back in on friday.. no rest for the wicked as they say..

  6. Lovely Bitch..? You are such a charmer Ritchie.. lol.. But thats why we love you..! hows it goin..? x

  7. Yeh am feeling good.. not out tonight tho.. but apart from that its all good in the land of the Zep

  8. i'm no bad.. you ok..?

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