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  1. Another Ireland I presume? Why support every team that plays against them
  2. Tottiemunchers? I presume you mean Ireland? To be honest I'd rather watch them as they will be playing in a real football tournement that means something. Oh wait...that'll make me a bog trotter lover or some other derogatory name no doubt
  3. Never obviously,,,,but he you knew that but thought it you had to post a response
  4. Eh no I won't. I'll watch the Olympics as always but I'll keep up my record of having watched an Olympic football match in my life.
  5. Good luck to them but I presume these Rangers fans supporting the GB will not castigate the Rangers fans who chose not to, as many people on here bizarrely seem to regard us as Republicans, tarriers, Nazis, traitors etc.
  6. Dislike the national team? In your opinion mate. I go to and watch most Scotland games with a group of 7/8 guys who are all Rangers fans. I'm sure we are not the only Rangers fans that partake in that novel pursuit of supporting our National team.
  7. I love the Oylmpics. I just can't get fussed about the football. Anyway, enjoy it mate if that's what floats your boat.
  8. Have it by all means but I think you'll find you'll be in the minority of people who actually care about it. Despite what FIFA have said I just don't want Scottish players in it. I wouldn't trust FIFA as far as I could throw them
  9. Yehaa! Let's get rid behind Stuart Pearce and the boys!! On seconds thoughts I'll be busy that day.
  10. The Olympics is the benchmark for these sports. For the football it's the World Cup. Olympic football means nowt.
  11. Why prey tell? Olympic football is utterly guff and I bet most people couldn't name the last winners or the ones before that.
  12. Who genuinely cares about a GB team or Olympic football in general? An utterly pointless tournement
  13. There's plenty wrong with the SFA mate but with our team struggling to pass a ball 10 feeking yards to a fellow player, the threat of administration hanging over our heads and our bank balance looking lighter than a tramps wallet, I couldn't give a feek about them. Take your head out of the sand dude and see the bigger picture. We need to do our talking/reacting on the pitch
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