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  1. Its depressing i dont live in a city you have planned.
  2. My rangers tv wont let me watch this for some reason? Says i cant watch live matches in the uk :S
  3. Cheers guys! (The serious replies) lol
  4. Anyone know where I could watch the full game from yesterday? Thanks in advance
  5. He was shagging a friend of mines sister when he was at Rangers, even flew her down to manchester a few times after leaving so doubt its true.
  6. Think id go with this Bell Foster, Jig, Moshni, Wallace Macleod, Murdoch Law Shiels Aird Daly
  7. Any of these sites work on an iPad?
  8. Brilliant Jules! Whats that audio from?
  9. The last Scotland vs Italy game we started signing "Were gonna deep fry your pizzas" Lol
  10. Admin fancy banning this tim? His true colours are clear as day.
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