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    FIFA 13

    Is Fifa out today in geforce?
  2. giggs - top lad dalglish - banger
  3. There wasn't a crack for weeks and its still on the old update. It isn't even worth it anymore IMO.
  4. McGregor Hutton-Caldwell-Mulgrew-Wallace Fletcher Forrest-Brown-Adam-Naismith Rhodes Thats with the way Levein plays. McGregor Hutton-Caldwell-Mulgrew-Wallace Fletcher-Adam Forrest-Naismith-Commons Fletcher That would be my team. Struggling for someone on the left there.
  5. Honestly have no idea who he is but surely the fact he is calling us "Sevco" kills any credibility this article has. Its clearly written by a taig. The supposed Charles Green quote is nowhere to be found either, searched for it and cant find it anywhere.
  6. Only in the new mode they have brought out. The original game is still the same.
  7. In what universe did Scotland get outplayed there? We clearly made enough chances to win the game and should have won the game.
  8. Big Vidic retired from international Football. Think you are overrating them a bit too.
  9. Cracking player, could cause some real problems especially against Dixon.
  10. Yep. Subotic, Ivanovic, Kolarov, Tosic and Kusmanovic. Some real quality players, a bit lacking upfront tho.
  11. Serbia are pish! Won one in their last 10 or something like that, they travel poorly and the few times I have seen them they have been poor.
  12. From a moral standpoint I would agree but there is just so much money in Football now. His image alone brings so much interest to Real Madrid which in turn makes them money, then you have to count in his performances on the pitch which also make Madrid money. Im sure Ronaldo brings in a lot more money to Madrid than what he gets paid.
  13. I would argue that if he brings in a huge amount to Real through merchandise etc then he deserves all the money he makes. That is if this article is even true, which I seriously doubt.
  14. I never renewed because I didn't have the money and I want to change seat anyway. If they didn't renew they didn't renew it doesn't make them any less of a fan so fuck off way that pish.
  15. Who can blame him? Stayed at Arsenal for a long time winning fuck all and he is one of the best players in the world.
  16. Like the Malmo game? Or how about the Bursaspor and Valencia games?
  17. Over 35k would be excellent. When was the last time we sold out a midweek game, Champions League included? against Bursaspor and Valencia it was nowhere near full. Remember this is midweek in the cup against East Fife, I will be going but I wont be getting my tickets until Tuesday and im sure many more will be doing this. Another thing, its only been 3 days! the public sale started on Thursday and the phone lines have been a nightmare since then.
  18. Is the site fucked for anyone else? It has been down for over a day now for me, both Chrome and Firefox.
  19. First game of the season and we have had a shit pre-season too. Calm down man, this is the second division and Brechin can barely string a pass together. We are just struggling to break them down.
  20. He signed yesterday fuck sake. He has just returned from injury too.
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