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  1. Hope we see Blackpool again. Got to watch pish like Birmingham and Blackburn for another year...
  2. That cunt is fucking useless. Ian Evatt fuck off to League 1 you useless twat.
  3. PaulRFC1

    Heavy Rain

    Thats the one ! Cant believe I fucked that one up
  4. PaulRFC1

    Heavy Rain

    What a fucking game. Best story I have ever played. The sort of game were you have to truly appreciate it. My ending - I want to find out the other endings now.
  5. Main card Middleweight Championship bout: Anderson Silva © vs. Vitor Belfort - TKO 2 Light Heavyweight bout: Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin - TKO 3 Welterweight bout: Jake Ellenberger vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha - SUB 2 Light Heavyweight bout: Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader - Decision Bantamweight bout: Miguel Torres vs. Antonio Banuelos - Decision Preliminary card (Spike TV) Lightweight bout: Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly - TKO 3 Featherweight bout: Chad Mendes vs. Michihiro Omigawa - Decision Preliminary card (Facebook Stream) Bantamweight bout: Norifumi Yamamoto vs. Demetrious Johnson - KO 1 Prel
  6. Preliminary card Lightweight bout: Pat Audinwood vs. John Makdessi Decision Welterweight bout: TJ Grant vs. Ricardo Almeida SUB 2nd Welterweight bout: Matt Riddle vs. Sean Pierson Decision Middleweight bout: Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Rafael Natal Decision Preliminary card (UFC.com live stream) Lightweight bout: Mark Bocek vs. Dustin Hazelett TKO 2nd Middleweight bout: Joe Doerksen vs. Dan Miller Decision Main card Lightweight bout: Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira Decision Welterweight bout: Thiago Alves vs. John Howard TKO 2nd Lightweight bout: Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig Sub 3rd Heavyweight b
  7. Fair enough m8. I agree with you on the passing thing because I certainly didn't mean he was in the same bracket as Xavi, Scholes, Kaka etc.
  8. I disagree with what your saying about his average performances and just disagreeing with what your saying in general. Its all about opinions and IMO he is a quality player and in yours he isn't. Fletcher has been a great player for Man United and the same with Wes Brown but John O'Shea is a player who I don't rate but Man United have won alot when they have been playing so they must be doing something right. For England I would disagree with him being a flop and IMO he has turned up for England for years and thats why he has been continuously picked. Vision comes with a quality passer IMO and
  9. Thomas Gravesen was a really good player for Everton tho. He fell away when he moved to Real Madrid tho and I certainly don't get the Faubert transfer. Lets just put it this way would someone who is over-rated make 400 appearances for Man United and over 150 for Real Madrid and then when you are 35 years old make over 30 appearances for Ac Milan ? and don't forget his 100+ appearances for England. David Beckham was a quality player.
  10. Yes and they gave their opinion and IMO I disagreed with it so I said. How is it pathetic ? its not as if you can't disagree with someone If I came on here and said Messi its blatantly obvious someone is going to disagree.
  11. Light Heavyweight bout: Quinton Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida TKO 2 Welterweight bout: Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn SUB 3 Middleweight bout: Gerald Harris vs. Maiquel Falcão TKO 2 Light Heavyweight bout: Phil Davis vs. Tim Boetsch Decision Lightweight bout: George Sotiropoulos vs. Joe Lauzon Decision Spike TV card Welterweight bout: Matt Brown vs. Brian Foster TKO 1 Middleweight bout: Aaron Simpson vs. Mark Muñoz Decision Preliminary card Welterweight bout: Karo Parisyan vs. Dennis Hallman TKO 3 Lightweight bout: Edson Barboza vs. Mike Lullo Decision Lightweight bout: Paul Kelly vs
  12. Because im 17 I cant have an opinion on Beckham ? I have seen plenty of Beckham and if you think he is a poor passer or has poor vision then you need your head checked. Its his sublime passing, crossing and set-pieces which got him to Man Utd and Real Madrid and to play for those 2 clubs you certainly aren't over-rated. Beckham is a superb player and he got there through hard work and dedication, look at Beckham to see what practice and hard work does.
  13. Beckham is a superb player. His crossing and set-peices are arguably the best in the world and his range of passing and vision is phenomenal. He got there through dedication aswell and is a model proffesional. People who say Beckham is overrated need there head checked.
  15. Why the fuck does Gyan not start for Sunderland ? Sunderland have been fucking terrible today.
  16. Aye, in the cup semi final against Ross County remember ?
  17. Was quite funny. Boyd said it was like playing hide n seek and nobody found him when he played up front himself that game.
  18. Aw fuck off ffs. Im delighted he is rubbing it in, get it right fucking up them. Lighten up.
  19. Should have won 5-1 and Stokes and Samaras should have been sent off. We are better than them and our Manager is light years ahead of theirs.
  20. Spot on m8. Him and big Edu were up and down that park all day. he has some stamina on him and doesn't stop working. What a great season and he is living up to his potential.
  21. Fantastic finish big man Fuck Loovens and they fenian bastards its your goal big man. Fuckin Delighteddddd WATP :D :chopometer:
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