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  1. That Hearts strip is outstanding. I hope we get something like that next season.
  2. Fuck sake Tav I'd take any bid over £30m for him in January.
  3. The wee English burd is quite tidy. I wouldn't kick her out of bed.
  4. I thought they'd punted Bolingoli. It gets better.
  5. Lundstram is the greatest player in the squad, I've been saying it since day one.
  6. The rowing club is still there and they still use the star as their emblem.
  7. Just saw Dundee Hibs are playing Dundee at the moment. Whatever happened to derby day when the derbies were all played on the same day?
  8. They'll turn it over in the second leg, 3 vital away goals...
  9. Surely the Moldova manager has to stand down now after that humiliating result.
  10. I met him on a night out long before he became assistant manager. Great guy, very humble. He's too nice to be Rangers manager, and I don't mean that as an insult to him.
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