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  1. miracle


    Is noone going to mention Aaron Nemane?
  2. Edmundson to Dundee United just to teach him a lesson.
  3. He got homesick in Burnley. Can't see him coming north of the border.
  4. A good point well made. That said they will have to make up for the two games in hand which could mean 3 games a week which as Lemon's told us is kryptonite to Ryan Christie.
  5. Fixture congestion will play a part, I wouldn't rule out them dropping more points.
  6. There was no pressure as we weren't in the league.
  7. Operation Stop The Ten going completely to plan. Let's take a minute to thank all the masons, Orangemen, The SPFL, The SFA, Donald Trump, The Referees Association, UEFA, MKULTRA without whom it wouldn't have been possible. Especial thanks to the manager Steven Gerrard for bankrolling our signings from his own pocket for the past three seasons.
  8. It's a fair point. The crowd are on the team's back at the slightest mistake and there always needs to be a scapegoat. And that's why we can't develop youngsters.
  9. It's scary to think we walk the streets with these people.
  10. Just had a swatch at Twitter. The consensus seems to be they're going to win their games in hand cause they'll have a new manager by then.
  11. Papering over the cracks. Ross County will be a tough test.
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