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  1. If we can get a goal or two and keep a clean sheet, I fancy us to get the win.
  2. That St Johnstone keeper's kit fair clashes with Livingston to my eyes.
  3. Nothing to fear from any of that lot. Let's go!
  4. This gluebag on the news.. Ahm furty years auld!
  5. That's Kevin stuck with a load of Lennon Out t-shirts he won't be able to sell as well now to go with his 10IAR merch.
  6. Gemma Collins, Black Pudding, Union Jack Parachute or gtfo.
  7. That and he'll have a plastic pitch put down at the San Giro and play on the counter against St Johnstone.
  8. Normally yes, but he's got the Euros to look forward to with Scotland and Ceptic are in freefall.
  9. I don't think Clarke would want it.
  10. He must have got his payoff, that's all he was holding on for, so at least that's another dent in their coffers to go with all his shite signings.
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