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  1. It would have been unfair to Cooper to keep him on the books when we'd signed Mark Walters. He was too good to be warming the bench.
  2. We were pish today and got what we deserved. Chin up, move on.
  3. Tav and Gerrard should be going through them after that performance. Something tells me they won't be though.
  4. Those two stints cost us £5m in transfer fees never mind his wages
  5. I think my Tele is on the blink, it just showed a Hibs player getting booked.
  6. Best thing about that shitshow of a first half is the black and orange kit looks smart. Is it me or do we always play shite when we wear our away colours?
  7. We really should have a formal tonsorial policy at the club. Some of these haircuts are an absolute disgrass.
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