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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CO7YbCzNHjV/?igshid=ufhittwpwftl
  2. John Greig handing the trophy to Tav. I'm in bits,
  3. Left back off, striker on at 3-0. The gaffer's got balls of steel.
  4. https://www.viprow.me/Rangers-fc-vs-aberdeen-fc-online-stream-1
  5. I've been told George Square is blockaded in anticipation of tomorrow but this would seem like madness to me to block off Duke St and St Vincent St although the SNP are in charge of GCC so anything is possible. Is there any truth in this rumour? If so where do we move the title party?
  6. No fans at the Scottish Cup Final now. Presumably cause Ceptic aren't in it.
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