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  1. This cunt's got the gun in his hand ready to blow his brains out
  2. Peter from Posso. May I introduce my wife and my sister. One woman steps forward.
  3. Chris from Coatbridge was born with a map of Ireland on his face.
  4. What's this story about a hotel fire all about? Even Jambo wouldn't leave smouldering ashes next to kindling.
  5. Archie, gies the sash Archie, Archie gies the sash
  6. 7 wins in 22 games Hugh Keevins
  7. This cunt sounds like Porky Pig.
  8. What about Duffy's old teammate on a free mate
  9. He has to go, if nothing else for his own sanity
  10. Cannae make out a word this pleb is saying
  11. Fair play to Jim Duffy, gives respect when its due. I'd have a pint with him.
  12. I think this boy is a friend of Dorothy.
  13. Whats this gluebag on? McInnes? Jack Ross? Steve Clarke?
  14. James in Pollok can bite my banger
  15. Hugh Keevins can bite my banger
  16. Lennon prowling Lennoxtown, perish the thought.
  17. Here we, here we, here we fucking go.
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