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  1. I found it earlier and it's LONG. A hell of a lot of time and effort has gone into it.
  2. miracle


    That goes without saying; I was meaning more the exclusive titles as I already have the likes of COD and MOH on other systems and I've never actually owned a Nintendo device before. I fell out of gaming for a long time and I got it in my head that the GameCube was a failure but there's loads of games for it!
  3. Dunno if I agree with that. What if you were a fan of say Northampton Town or Aberdeen or Dundee United, your only chance of glory is the national squad.
  4. Good performance today but I really don't see what Zungu brings to the table.
  5. miracle


    Picked up a Wii, just because. Any recommendations for GameCube and Wii titles?
  6. It looks like a print out. Anyone could mock that up in minutes.
  7. This cunt's got the gun in his hand ready to blow his brains out
  8. Peter from Posso. May I introduce my wife and my sister. One woman steps forward.
  9. Chris from Coatbridge was born with a map of Ireland on his face.
  10. What's this story about a hotel fire all about? Even Jambo wouldn't leave smouldering ashes next to kindling.
  11. Archie, gies the sash Archie, Archie gies the sash
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