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  1. Tickets sorted in the CR1 - plenty left
  2. I'm in but nothing showing up under home games :S
  3. Me when I saw the title of this thread
  4. whoops, didnt see the post. i suppose i was on the right lines when i said he was drawing... dont really play a lot of PLO
  5. Paired/two pair flush draw. It's likely he was just drawing though, having the case K seems unlikely, but you never know in omaha
  6. Move on please mate. Patter like that belongs on ...other forums.
  7. Same mate, so surprised to read this from him. Surely something deeper to it?
  8. A really strange angle from Kingy (a man I know to be a bear) in this one. Usually what he writes is decent compared to the rest of what is called "journalism" these days. But this...it's just strange.
  9. No such thing as a virus on an apple product. You can get security for it but it's pointless.
  10. hello i have set up a home game on pokerstars check topic for details password/superally

  11. Andy Goram hugging the linesman
  12. The beer bottle T is pretty cool
  13. Ah okay, great idea, poor choice of name imo
  14. Hold on...this isn't a pisstake...this is actually called rags for rangers
  15. I mean the grass, look at that grass!
  16. The Rangers Football Club Plc http://www.rangers.co.uk/staticFiles/de/7c/0,,5~31966,00.pdf
  17. The lead singer of Biffy Clyro, of the few artists who produce decent music these days!
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