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  1. Guy runs on to the pitch in a green jacket shouting and balling, waving a programme which endorsed Armed Forces Day, people's natural reaction is tarriers. Whether he is or not he still deserved a slap for being a fud. He was spotted for what seemed like ages from BF1 before any 'security' made a move so can understand why a couple of BF1 members went for him. But hey, any chance to get a dig into them whenever possible.
  2. They are different, there are now units in the Strathclyde Police dedicated to tackling our groups for nothing more than supporting Rangers.
  3. I don't think this was said in any official statements. Certainly there was a lot of phones taking pictures/videos so must have been assumed that they would surface. The few pictures that did showing policeman kneeling on peoples knecks highlight the brutality. Some of it happened before the majority of the section were able to get down the stairs to the concourse.
  4. What were we selective on reporting then?
  5. No one should boo a player. What is that really going to achieve? It will only knock his confidence even more. I think we all know what he did was the height of stupidity and I'm sure he knows that himself, we just need to move on and concentrate on getting more league points under our belts.
  6. Think it's safe to say there was a few "neutral" fans within the Malmo end.
  7. I reckon we'll go through, 2-0 Rangers. Jelavic and Naismith to get on the score sheet.
  8. To all bears who have made the trip, have a good one and return safe.
  9. Annie Millers will probably show it, can't confirm though.
  10. St Johnstone away is fucking murder. Woeful atmosphere as usual. Around 25 lads down the front of the North Stand trying to get something started but the majority weren't interested. It's fucking tragic to sit watching guys sing and then going home, logging onto forums and complaining about the atmosphere at games. If you want to make a difference then get involved and get singing. If you see TBO/UB standing, go and join in, chances are there will be room to squeeze in. Only around 50% of the people in that wee section actually had tickets for there the rest were scattered all over the stand.
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