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  1. He’s the absolute epitome of this
  2. A manager who doesn’t rotate the goalkeepers and makes almost no changes? It’ll never catch on.
  3. Genuinely forgot I’d already posted a gif btw
  4. No idea what you’re talking about, just posted a gif I found interesting
  5. Always found it strange that we have an almost impeccable record there, whereas Celtic have an utterly horrendous record there, with no in between. Can’t think of any other ground where one of us does as well and the other does as badly as there? First thought was Rugby Park, but both us and them have a pretty shite recent record there
  6. “Here you ya Scouse cunt”
  7. Backs up what @McEwan's Lager and @eskbankloyal have suggested on here.
  8. https://news.fox-24.com/sport/news/36653.html Dave Vos will be one of Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s assistants at Rangers, writes The Telegraph. According to the newspaper, the 38-year-old coach of Ajax Under 18 told his players on Wednesday after the minimal victory over Besiktas (0-1) in the UEFA Youth League. He will sign a contract in Glasgow until the summer of 2024 or 2025.
  9. Bronzy


    As bad as we are at the moment, even we beat Ross County
  10. Pretty sure that means Boyle will miss the game against us.
  11. Bronzy


    Reflects terribly on us, but doesn’t reflect particularly well on them either. Can absolutely guarantee that they wouldn’t have lost five league games in a row if they played how they did against us.
  12. Makaay saying to Kent “tricks are for the circus”
  13. Well, maybe you should go also then Jeff because... er... you couldn't see driving home the other night because you've... you don't even wear your glasses in... in... er... TV in case you get... you get slagged off so you just... er.. you just stick to Specsavers and I'll do the game.
  14. Be good to see him working his way up the ladder as a coach.
  15. Apparently newspapers in Antwerp are saying we’re going to offer this guy a coaching role, doesn’t say if it’s first team or youth coaching though:
  16. Van Gastel has now started following Rangers on Instagram so looks like it's him going to be appointed as assistant manager: https://instagram.com/jpvangastel_official?utm_medium=copy_link
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