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  1. Gutted as everyone else, but won’t be hitting the panic button.
  2. Personally wouldn’t have trusted Barker. Don’t mind him for domestic but wouldn’t have fancied him tonight. Game of opinions I suppose mate.
  3. Don’t get the Gerrard should have made a sub shout, don’t see who brings on tonight.
  4. I know mate I’m not total doom and gloom, realise how far we’ve came.
  5. Again can’t switch off against great opposition. European football can be a hard lesson.
  6. Great days when only thing that I could moan about is that we shot towards the Copland the first half 😂
  7. Said before the game been impressed when ever I’ve seen him, shocked he’s the most un-mciness player ever
  8. Was a stonewaller he’s went through the back of him.
  9. Would keep Morelos on just on the basis every time he drops deep there is a massive gap behind him
  10. McCrorie and Ferguson massive misses for them, hedges is a decent player but with our team we should be pumping them.
  11. Nothing Aberdeen will want more than knock us off our momentum, up to us to put them to the sword. Could argue this is the biggest game under Gerrard so far.
  12. Scum bastards drop more points, no team talk needed. Let's make this gap even bigger.
  13. Don't wish it on anyone but wouldn't mind if Ferguson missed the game.
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