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  1. We’ll win the league at a canter if we find any sort of form
  2. Never realised, disregard last post as pish then 😅
  3. Never been a massive fan of AJ but one thing I’ll give him credit for is taking on fights could’ve sat about and waiting for Fury or Wilder but took a hard fight.
  4. Usyk was sensational, never been that impressed by him since he moved up but was absolutely top class tonight, If he was naturally heavier and bigger he would’ve got that fight done in 3 rounds IMO.
  5. Looking back on the goal has reminded me that we have all the right to be annoyed at how poor we’ve been in the final third. It was a prime example of what we should be doing. Quick, accurate and quality.
  6. Not surprised about this, I’m sure I read an interview with him about how he loves the pressure of being a Rangers player and having to win every game. Attitude every player who plays for us should have.
  7. Probably because of the philosophy’s they teach actually are appreciated in other countries, here it’s all about who you know rather than what you know. I doubt someone like Mourinho would have ever made it as a coach in Scotland with his limited playing experience.
  8. Aye was weird watching the draw last night wasn’t concerned one bit before hand if we drew them in the semis.
  9. Forgetting the transfer rumours, would be gutted to lose Hagi. Think he’s so important to the team, been unlucky with injuries and the covid so far this season. Looks stronger and more physical. Feel like he’s going to have a big season for us.
  10. A spell where we couldn’t create fuck all really showed how much we missed him.
  11. Far from our best again but a good amount of dig after going down, no doubt we’ll get better. Good to see we’re still getting results.
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