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  1. Like him as a player, would take him. Hopefully he would improve under our manager and coaching team a la Ryan Jack and Glen Kamara
  2. Happy with that especially away to livi which is always a bastard, really pleased with Hagi tonight. Tidy as usual on the ball but his runs forward were great wonder if they’ve been working on that with him.
  3. I honestly really couldn't care what he's got to say about us, quite shocked so many do care. What ever happened to no one likes us we don't care.
  4. Heart wants BJS to do it. Head and betting slip says Canelo.
  5. Don't get it either, I'm heavy into Poker and I know a lot of the big poker players stream on twitch, but again don't get why you'd sit and watch them play rather than play yourself. Each to their own I suppose.
  6. Maybe mate but we would have had to score the penalty
  7. Hagi being third most contributions despite not playing as much as others is impressive.
  8. awryt mate wits the thread u wur talking aboot the day ? sittin beside the UB ?

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