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  1. Aye there awful, Ross county and Accies try and play a bit. Aberdeen are shitebags, hiding from the ball.
  2. Watched 20 minutes of the tim game there, I’ll thank McInnes every day for being a shitebag and saying no. Aberdeen are diabolical.
  3. Patterson, no even a debate for me.
  4. Well considering how shite the rest of them have been we are doing it ourselves.
  5. It would be another open draw, granted the winner of Molde and Granada would be the most favourable if we progress.
  6. Good draw, could have been a lot worse. Good that the two Ukrainian sides have harder ties as well.
  7. Aye, considering it could make life a lot easier for us getting into the group stage of the Champions League next year I would say yes you may be the only one.
  8. Done it 3 times and Villarreal every time.
  9. Just seen the highlights there, Molde or Dinamo Zagreb for me, Young Boys too, can't believe we only took a point off them last year.
  10. It's obviously not bollocks if you've made a thread about him on the bears den, honestly get over him he's a no one.
  11. Brought a tear to my eye the interview, love the Colombian nutcase bastard.
  12. Get this shite to fuck, some of our supports obsession with the most bang average captain the tarriers will ever see is tim levels of obsession.
  13. Seen a stat there on twitter brenda has lost his last 5 knockout ties in europe.
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