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  1. He’ll need to be some player to get into our midfield atm
  2. That’s what annoyed me hearing from people that the tims has a few more gears to go up, so do we can honestly say bar maybe the Dundee United game we’ve not got out of second.
  3. Sounds a bit daft but I really don't care about this, only focus for me is Killie on Sunday. That said wait till about Wednesday or Thursday morning and i'll be all over this like a rash.
  4. Really well put mate, don't think his pass for Aribo got enough credit. Think the longer the season goes on and the more he plays he'll get better. Totally agree I'm delighted with him as well. Think creatively we're a better side with him in it.
  5. Thought the criticism was OTT at the start of the season, see's passes a lot of other players just don't see.
  6. Can't moan at all, especially after such a battle on Thursday night.
  7. Defoe's goal was ridiculous, we're getting spoiled as of late.
  8. Hopefully the likes of Hagi and Kent have plenty of shots early on to maybe drag some players out of space for Defoe, or even better score.
  9. Need to blame myself for thinking this would finish any other way
  10. Every time before he fights I always get caught up in the "this could be the guy to stop him" and I don't know why, he's outrageously good. Can't blame him for going out on the top. Knew it was coming as soon as he was so keen to get the gloves off.
  11. It shows our absolutely ridiculous depth in our squad that you’ve not included Jack or Arfeild in any of they three
  12. They’ve changed from last year then, was like trying to break through a wall.
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