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  1. How the fuck is Jim Duffy a football pundit and can't say Juventus.
  2. Irish guy in Coatbridge a bit suspicious
  3. £15m + for a guy who's got 18 months left on his deal and wants to get to fuck, behave yourself JIm.
  4. Waited 45 minutes for this but it seems worth it.
  5. Ban James from Ibrox, that lasted far too long.
  6. Why James, there's metldowns to be had.
  7. With how bad they are I’m starting to believe we’ll turn up to Parkhead champions.
  8. I know don't understand it myself, or more the fact they got rid of him and never replaced him.
  9. For me an extra layer of hillarity would be how furious the tims would be as many of them said 'what's rodgers ever going to achieve at Leicester'
  10. Liverpool were dire to watch, could get upto the box and just seemed to run out of ideas.
  11. Atletico win one of their games in hand to go 7 points clear of second and have another game in hand, Barcelona beat the mob who put Atletico out of the Copa del Rey in extra time 2-0. Bit of a kick in the balls being a lower league side beating Atletico then getting Barca in the next round.
  12. Why's this fud taking up valuable air time
  14. Yes James that's what we need more paim.
  15. Aye mate a link would be class.
  16. That forum Is a endless fountain of entertainment.
  17. Even in the ‘Cup final’ against hearts kept goading Halliday. Wonder why he picked him out particularly.
  18. Thought he would have been gone by now, honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he saw out the season now.
  19. Need to get some red white and blue smoke and turn Glasgow and the west red white and blue when sweet 55 is confirmed.
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