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  1. Still yet to see this attacking juggernaut. Tbh a disgrace we’re only 4 points ahead of this mob.
  2. Can put all the instagram posts up he wants, the only way of silencing any critics is performances and goals.
  3. Just watched the game back, played really well as I thought on Saturday. So much chances that we should've taken. Before Hearts had forced a save out of McGregor we could've been well out of sight. Some of the football was really good, but we just seemed to settle at around seventy minutes, Morelos' performance doesn't get much better second time around and neither does Tavernier's. Think going forward It should be Patterson. For me the only thing Tavernier has over him is experience and due to the fact he's older than him he always will. Think we need to realise that last seasons Tavernier isn't his level and if anything it was a purple patch. Said on Saturday and I'll say it again I really don't want to see us line up without Kemar Roofe either, brings so much.
  4. So Morelos wasn’t shite because of Dado Prso, I am lost.
  5. At 32 I think he’s far from done, still got plenty to offer us. Think his biggest problem is at times he can take 4/5 games to get upto his best and I don’t think we have the time to do that.
  6. Honestly don’t want to see another starting line up this season without Roofe, thought we were excellent the first half, probably should’ve been more than 1 up, the last five minutes are a disaster, Morelos sitter than McGregor howler.
  7. A tenner to sing ? I'll take my silence please.
  8. Again proof of what type of player he is, at times not do much at time but comes up with a moment of brilliance.
  9. Really don’t get this, teams in this league are their own worst enemy. If teams put the same effort into playing us into every other game they may get a lot closer to winning the league a la Dundee, take the blue tinted specs off and they were very unlucky not to get anything off us, the next week get beat off st johnstone 3-1.
  10. Don’t get my hopes up and crush them, desperate to see him in our team again.
  11. Only managed St Johnstone so far and couldn’t make it because of work, been a dry season away wise 😂
  12. Was poor against Hibs, hoping he can find his consistent best. Right enough you could argue that if he was at his best consistently he wouldn’t be with us.
  13. How the fuck do some mutants not know the rules by now, it’s a red every day of the week.
  14. Was class today, moved the ball so quickly. One of my criticisms of Davis this season has been that he dwells on the ball a bit too long, would start Lundstram from now on.
  15. They’re no very good are they, the problem is neither are we.
  16. We’ll win the league at a canter if we find any sort of form
  17. Never realised, disregard last post as pish then 😅
  18. Never been a massive fan of AJ but one thing I’ll give him credit for is taking on fights could’ve sat about and waiting for Fury or Wilder but took a hard fight.
  19. Usyk was sensational, never been that impressed by him since he moved up but was absolutely top class tonight, If he was naturally heavier and bigger he would’ve got that fight done in 3 rounds IMO.
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