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  1. Up to our knees in candle grease
  2. not a bad first effort, well done m8
  3. great read pal let the music play W.A.T.P
  4. hi Den ive not been on for a wee while but alls good in the hood pal just getting ready to smile at our wee friends going up london road lol hope your doin well too m8
  5. i had a wee chuckle at that one too
  6. would dearly love to see him back so he can gain match fitness
  7. Merry Christmas guys and gals W.A.T.P
  8. naw they didny auld yin herded like cattle last time at killie on 2 carriages pies were worth it though
  9. WALTER SMITH has told Celtic: Rangers beat you - not the ref. http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3194915/Ref-didnt-beat-you-WE-did.html#ixzz13Zdzx0h5 absolute class Sir Walter
  10. canny wait for this one bring them on
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