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  1. lorney

    few sigs n stuff

    its been a while
  2. lorney


    hey guys.. i member this used to be mobbed sad how things change ae
  3. i love this game, and had the same problem a few months back... i searched everywhere and couldnt get it! but i got it from xbox live.. just downloaded it!! think it cost £22 or somthing
  4. lorney


    long time guys soo who is still kicking about in here??
  5. if your thinking about buying one of my canvases you will automatically enter into my big competition some of my newest work
  6. shit hot with a pen tool lol
  7. not sure if this is what ur looking for, im not entirely sure what u want tbh
  8. really good idea!! not many designers kicking about tho now adays
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