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  1. Lorney could you make me a cambuslang volunteers sig just with any picture maybe the colour party or something. iM sure ul know the score if ur the same person I think u are :) cheers

  2. just "coughed" theres only one jimmy grimble, great wee film
  3. please follow me on twitter @britishcolour

  4. thats some bloody claim to fame ae.... she still no him??
  5. ok just went into mcdonalds the to get myself a wee cheeky big mac, (as the bfs off shore and i aint cooking for one) and the guy 2 infront of me asked for " a big mac meal, mcchicken sani meal, extra cheese burger and 3 chicken selects, i thought nothing of it at the time but when i came 2 my turn to get served i hear the girls behind the desk saying i cant belive he eats that at this point im still obvivious to whats happend. so when i take my cup up 2 get filled at the wee self filler, i notice the guy sitting and he had muched everything exept his cheese burger, there was no one around and
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