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  1. If he's from murderwell where the fuck did he get that shite accent from?? Googly eyed fuck !!!!!!
  2. When he isn't trying to kick fuck out of opponents and just try's to play football his first touch is superb as is his vision and passing just a pitty he would rather get involved in all the shite rather than play
  3. Spot on !! It will also be interesting where the next few years takes us! It's unfortunate we can't just fuck off to engerland
  4. Scum dee just showed they were sharper mentally and physically because they have been playing premier league football and we have been playing part timers and still struggling against them aswell!!
  5. I think black has ability unfortunately he acts like a poor mans joey Barton and try's to wind scum dee fans up and walks up off the park clapping and smiling !! Big sandancer is just not a good footballer but was the only option ... Shoulda signed cousin he only plays for money anyway!
  6. Mind we can sign players in the summer threw the loophole that we sign a free agent and it has to registered after the window shuts(as far as I am aware)
  7. Seen this macron top on here a few weeks ago wouldn't mind something like is!!! Or the Napoli top with he collar but Leeds and Aston villas kits are PISH
  8. Hahah that's exactly what he runs like ...!!!!! Runs from the knees down
  9. Seen Stella play a few reserve games and looked good out on the wing!!! Better than some of the pish that's playing the now
  10. He is a good player with other decent players around him players like him need other good players to be effective ....try's to beat to many men .. When he does get his head up and cross a ball he sees big sandancer and clearly doesn't want to cross it to him as he's a waste of space !! Tempeton is good player and can change a game on his day.....also runs like a 5 year old girl haha
  11. Another bland kit.tine to get rid of umbro and get adidas in!
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