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  1. Black showed his best ability in the cup final last year.

    If only he could find that form again.

    When he isn't trying to kick fuck out of opponents and just try's to play football his first touch is superb as is his vision and passing just a pitty he would rather get involved in all the shite rather than play

  2. Stick with it mate.

    The cause is greater than the entertainment value. These are crucial years. We must stand by Rangers at all costs.

    I can't stand the thought of seeing SPL teams at our ground again, but I'll still buy a season ticket if I don't want to attend.

    Spot on !! It will also be interesting where the next few years takes us! It's unfortunate we can't just fuck off to engerland

  3. Scum dee just showed they were sharper mentally and physically because they have been playing premier league football and we have been playing part timers and still struggling against them aswell!!

  4. I think black has ability unfortunately he acts like a poor mans joey Barton and try's to wind scum dee fans up and walks up off the park clapping and smiling !! Big sandancer is just not a good footballer but was the only option ... Shoulda signed cousin he only plays for money anyway!

  5. this season coming will be a big test. Essentially the same team because of the transfer embargo means the same level.

    Mind we can sign players in the summer threw the loophole that we sign a free agent and it has to registered after the window shuts(as far as I am aware)

  6. I was ridiculed on here by saying he was nothing special when we were signing him. He's been decent at times, but that's it.

    He is a good player with other decent players around him players like him need other good players to be effective ....try's to beat to many men .. When he does get his head up and cross a ball he sees big sandancer and clearly doesn't want to cross it to him as he's a waste of space !! Tempeton is good player and can change a game on his day.....also runs like a 5 year old girl haha

  7. Agreed.

    How can you expect a man who starts near enough every game on the bench, and gets about 20 minutes a game, to come into the first team and stroll it.

    You need a run of starts to get into a team.

    He held the ball up well, and stuck himself about. No doubt just what Walter ordered.

    Well done Kyle (tu)

    he has started most games this season btw!!! there is no excuse for this guy!if he came from the youth acadamy he would have been sold to a english 2nd division team!!!!!!! just an extra kick in the ball that he cost nearly 4 million and is one of the highest earners at the club and is in the papers going on about a musioc career when he doesnt have a football career need to get this guy to fuck . he is only getting played becoz of his price tag in the hope he will eventualy turn it on dnt think he has it to turn it on imo. time to cut or loses now ?????

  8. Lets all jump on the Laffery bandwagon!!!

    The boy is severely lacking in confidence and I must say the fans are doing great to help him out I must say :rolleyes:

    Just think Lafferty needs a goal and he will pick up a bit of form.

    As for Fleck first time he has probably looked decent but soon as he starts he is anonymous.

    lacking in confidence???? lacking a first touch !! lacking streanth !!! lacking an abilaty to jump and header a ball!!!! could go on and on!!

    the boys had 18 months now and still isnt doing it if this was even 5 years ago rangers would cut there losses and let him go. if he would go into the gym try build him self up or work on his first touch etc etc instead of claiming to be the next fucking chesney hawks!!!!!time for him to be droped and play andy little. unfortunatly we are stuck with another didy till at least the summer. owen coyel talks him up as the next big thing from NI heres hoping he trys to by him for at least the money we paid for him!!!!!

  9. I know a lot of people will turn their back on the idea that the onus is on us to get behind Lafferty. He is after all the panto villain of Scottish football. A cheat. A fraud. An expensive flop. Arrogant. Well, for some anyway......

    I don't view Lafferty that way though. I view Lafferty as a young guy who has endured stinking bad luck since signing for Rangers coupled with mistakes he's made that have snowballed out of control in terms of how he is portrayed by the media and fans. That's not to say he's an innocent victim, he has of course made mistakes along the way, but for me he's not come close to being given a fair chance.

    There are 3 elements that for me should be taken into account when judging Lafferty.

    Injuries- No sooner had he arrived than he suffered an injury that kept him out for a long spell. Injuries were to plauge him during his first season, and again in the early part of this season he was out through injury.

    Played out wide - Yes, he regularly played here for Burnely.......but I don't care, using my own eyes I see a guy that looks lost out wide, but then looks instantly more confident when played up top, with his touch improving with back to goal and his ability to show pace and strength to take defenders on when facing goal.....as we've seen from him in a Northern Ireland jersey. Lafferty has played the vast majority of his games for Rangers in midfield, and even when played up top it's generally been with Boyd, a partnership that does neither any favours.....for me it's one or the other with Miller/Novo/Naismith.

    Bad press and lack of support from fans - He's made mistakes and his performances haven't been good.......but for me this has all snowballed out of control. You'd think he was playing like Sebo and acting like Joey Barton the way some people go on. This must dent your confidence greatly, and when you're a young guy trying to make your mark at Rangers, being asked to play out of position, having struggled with injury.......the last thing you need is to be painted as a villain off the park and feel a complete lack of support from your own fans on the park.

    As I've said, Lafferty was played in midfield for the vast majority of the time last season.......yet scored 9 goals for us from there.....a good return for a midfielder. He only started 15 games last season, playing in 31 in total. 9 goals in 31 games, with only 15 of them starts, is a decent contribution.

    Kenny Miller, for example, a player I rate and always stand up for, only scored 13 goals last season as a striker in twice the number of starts. 30 starts, 36 appearances in total.

    Novo played his first season at Rangers as a striker, but since then like Lafferty has largely played wide in midfield. He's only bettered Lafferty's goal tally last season in 1 of his 4 seasons since then, with 13 goals in our UEFA Cup final season where he made a higher than normal number of appearances, 42 in total.

    Lafferty was given a recent opportunity up front this season when he came off the bench against Motherwell and put away two goals. One a Boyd-esque right place right time poacher finish and the other a Miller-esque goal getting in behind the defence and slotting the ball past the keeper one on one.

    He will now get a fair opportunity up front. This, in my view, is the first fair opportunity Lafferty will have been given since he's arrived at Rangers. He owes us a run of good performances. But equally, he deserves our full support.

    this is true but at 6,4 u expect him to win a couple of headers and 50/50s but he seems to back out challenges he needs to pull that big skinny thumb out his arse and prove us all wrong. still think he needs time and maybe needs rested now and then instead of playing every game out of position.

    heres hoping the big man turns it around

  10. i would like adidas again the old 9 in a row kits where the best.only decent kit with umbro is this years home kit.

    our rmfc kits are umbro wouldny mind a wee change to adidas badger.

  11. Also, need to mention the boys celebratary huddle at the end of the game.

    Dunno if it was caught on camera but it was sheer class & a great wind up.

    Aye we went upto the section of about 4 rangers fans who had their banners and flags out :lol:

    Team to Start was


    SeanDavis_______Andy_ ________Gid_______NeilBoi

    kingbarry________Lewis_____Gers Boy John___Billy


    beto19!! and that header should have stood!

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