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  1. whatcha gonna do when they come for you bad bhoys bad bhoys
  2. Who do you work for with that spelling? The toilet store?
  3. Keeping up to date with this on bus from Rio to São Paulo! Sounds like a great start.
  4. Fees and wages. wages form part of the £30m
  5. He's been out the game for ages! Do you think he has been keeping up to date with Scottish football? He does have the right attitude, but does he have the contacts? its a no from me
  6. Would love McCann to be part of the new set up. His analysis is fantastic and would no doubt get the best out of our wingers and attack. Also knows a lot about footballers in scotland and would be priceless to have when organising tactics
  7. who cares, anyone who saw the draw would have seen the state Rod was in - the writing in the media cant cover up that shambles, nobody will take this seriously.
  8. Pies for Waghorn and loungers, I mean medical rehabilitation equipment for most of our team. Must be pretty comfy rehabilitation equipment as nobody seems to want to get back to training.
  9. what is the Joe Garner song? not been to many games this season as I moved to London. Can't wait for the 24th and 31st.
  10. http://www.vipleague.is/football/437658/1/rangers-fc-vs-hearts-live-stream-online.html
  11. SFA wont care what we demand. Don't worry, it wont be long til it arrives on C*ltic's doorstep for the whole world to see. This scandal isn't going away anytime soon and a lot more will come out of it, unfortunately.
  12. I notice when he speaks, especially during replays of Celtic, he says things such as "that was a good chance for us", "that's what we needed". not really he kind of thing I expect to hear from an unbiased commentator. I reckon he is not doing it to get this reaction (including mine). I reckon he is just extremely unprofessional at his job.
  13. Seen this posted, checked it out and its genuine.
  14. To be fair I'm sure there would be a few scumbags on our side who can't handle a drink and would have went home and got angry after getting an earful from the missus.
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