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  1. VAR would be worse. Faceless people behind a video screen giving the decisions..... Would you expect that to work in our favour?
  2. Ah - just before the tour of Japan?
  3. 1 death recorded in England today and we are still locked down. Probably more people dying from getting their cock stuck in a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Named my dog after him. Would have been son's name if he had arrived before the dog!
  5. That was a clever 'professional' foul imo. Knew exactly what he was doing.
  6. Hivs put 4 past Killie a week before we drew 0 0 with them. People talking about double figures....
  7. Just another shift at hollicon
  8. Oh man 66 was the pinnacle of British footballing achievement though you have to admit.
  9. Has to be - chasing his first touch.
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