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  1. I knew what you meant mate 👍
  2. Could see at 60 minutes what was coming. But..... the game should have been out of sight by that time.
  3. Good performance so far. Great take from Hagi prior to the goal. More of the same second half please.
  4. They could have agreed a settlement without admission of liability subject to the victim not bringing any further actions and also insert a confidentiality clause. Matter resolved - victim paid, no future proceedings and reduce bad PR. A sensible and moral approach.
  5. Agree with both statements. On the second one - for a cash rich club it's surprising they would rather drag the matter and the victims through court with the adverse publicity than settle out of court. Unless of course they haven't got the cash.....
  6. The only wings they are getting is C wing and D wing.
  7. Is he talking about Porteous there?
  8. maybe a photo of the piggery rather than the court would have been more appropriate to go with the article
  9. That sham report should come back and bite them on the arse. The pursuer's solicitors should be asking for details. If the scum deny it for whatever reason (doesn't exist or it tells the story) they will lose any remaining credibility or if they produce it and it is as you say they should be royally fucked.
  10. In the summer of 2019, the celtic chief executive at the time, Peter Lawwell, revealed the club had undertaken a review of its own. “The misconception is that the club is doing nothing and abdicating responsibility,” Lawwell said. “That is simply not true.” Fucking hell. So..... what did you do Peter? And what responsibility did you take?
  11. I'm sure fare have it in hand.....
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