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  1. Just want lenny to stay and a bag of cans 😁
  2. At this rate its going to clash with Valentines night!
  3. No real pressure now. Just make sure there is no complacency either and we will win.
  4. Not the first time I've heard that. But we are further away than we were at this stage last season 😁
  5. After spending 250k on the jolly boys outing furloghing the under 18 squad.
  6. Ironic that the slanty eyed fuck who tried to destroy Rangers is presiding over their implosion.
  7. Does seem very strange line up. Excellent 😁👍
  8. Just typed Rangers into Google and got noticed the people also searched list. Nice to see they are doing something constructive while torbett towers is crumbling!
  9. Question to Mr liewell - why do you think your club is the most affected? Couldn't be anything to do with arrogance or ignorance or just stupidity? No just the innocent victims.
  10. Probably the least horrible of the diseases he carries.
  11. Surely 'most infected club' 😂😂
  12. Or just play the final in December. Them v Stenhousmuir
  13. You try playing a game of football with flu!
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