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  1. 13 minutes ago, Negri's lovechild said:

    It's an attacking line up and one that needs to gel tonight.

    I still maintain the league must be the priority again this season, but a club of our size and stature needs to be winning cup competitions again, and with this cup coming in the first half of the season it's a great opportunity to lay a marker down. 


    Ange ball!

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  2. Our accounts will be equally as bad I expect.

    But while we haven't strengthened our squad as far as bringing in players who are better than the existing players, they may have brought in revenue from sales but have weakened..

    Some of their signings may become successful but a lot are squad fillers.

    All in all we are in a better position than them.

  3. 31 minutes ago, Johnsey said:

    I've already seen some of them raving about the performance and that it was only defensive lapses that lost them the game :lol:

    My favourite is the BBC making out like Kyogo would have made the difference..... Surely anyone can see the attacking side wasn't the issue. 

    It was only the team scoring more goals that cost them the game.

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  4. 2 hours ago, PromDeAnglais said:

    Personal reasons but deletes his twitter account?

    I'm struggling to see why I'd do that. Family bereavement etc, I'm not sure I'd dissappear off social media without a statement. More to this to come in my opinion. 

    Could be fearful of the back lash from tgfitw

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