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  1. Post a picture with nipples 👍
  2. And hold on. Hold on what? My fat hairy balls?
  3. He could be the subject of a new resolution at their agm!
  4. If 10000 were allowed in there would be mad fenians watching sportscene frame by frame counting the crowd to make sure there aren't 10001.
  5. Probably their wives not their children.
  6. Saw the HT score but didn't see the result until this morning. Great way to start the day!
  7. britian - oh dear. Either a wrong un or punch drunk from your battering on here. Or both.
  8. Strange how people quoted are now saying it's freedom of speech, yet sing the Billy Boys and see how they react!
  9. Hope the pitch holds up OK.
  10. Is Gemma Collins involved? I'm confused.
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