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  1. Was a WhatsApp going round first thing this morning, this all might be true but not a peep out the media I’m not sure.
  2. He plays Clyde 'token' like a champ for whatever they pay him. Sad to see a guy with his history sell out.
  3. We had not long scored and we had that mob on the ropes and the paper throwing stopped the game killing the momentum. Not very bright imo.
  4. I'm Laws biggest critic but he was fine today arguably better than Haliday who got caught wrong side of the counters a bit often, though he is learning that position so no drama.
  5. Imo Motherwell targeted him in the play offs, better going forward than defending
  6. Couldn't get a game at St Mirren regularly last season, I know Bell was rotten but jeezo let's aim higher
  7. I mentioned Vaulks to my mate, takes a dig and mobile played well vs us and in the final
  8. Guessin the game looked diff for the TV loyal? Wallace was absolutely murder as he's been more often than not, least Foster has the excuse of being a talentless goon. Barraclough sussed out the ball in behind Wallace and they destroyed us by sitting in and finding that ball. It's probably the end of wee McCalls bid to be manager, arguably a harsh statement but the team is still missing something. Clark should be nowhere near our first team, he runs and tries most of us would do the same. Doesn't mean we should get a game!
  9. Immense tonight showed for the ball, got stuck in and kept possession. Him and Murdoch dovetail well in centre mid
  10. While not a fan of his I thought second half the much maligned Ricky Foster tried to get on the ball and play it on the deck into strikers feet. Not much else positive mind you.
  11. Battlefields pretty decent though the campaign refuses to save due to a bug. Guess most play online and don't notice
  12. Your offended by companies having exclusive deals to raise for one charity over a fixed period? Think you should relax a little! All the bookies had the two minute silence today as far as i am aware hardly anti remembrance.
  13. Corals charity is McMillan and changes yearly. Can we go back to being offended by Tims and not nonsense like this?
  14. Why didn't we give niel a new contract or did he refuse like Neil? Load of nonsense.
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