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  1. Looking for 2/3 tickets for game tomorrow can pick up at game only live 2 mins from ground pm if you can help.
  2. I'll take it off you tomorrow when I get paid if you still have it any more spares need 1 more?
  3. I'm looking for 2 spares for the game at Mcdairmid on 30th anyone able to help?
  4. I'm all out. I'm stilll looking for a couple too if anyone can help?
  5. Do pubs in Perth not open at the same times as all others in Scotland on a Saturday i.e 11am ? yeah dont know why i said that, because of the walk i pressume i automatically assumed it would give you 20 minutes drinking time and the rest you would be walking The pubs are actuallt open 10am now due to new licensing laws from1st October so plenty o time to oil the cogs... Any spare tickets going?
  6. I stay in Perth and the 208 is just accross the road from Mcdairmaid and Tulloch institute round the corner both dives but cheap drink boys... WATP
  7. Put a bet on today Rangers to win 3-1 Lafferty to score first only gor 12/1 for this pretty crap odd's eh? Any predictions on weekend score and first scorer??
  8. Aye I agree tha man was a great player but doens't have a clue about management never used to get given instructions as a player apart from go out and do your stuff and he the the stuff was the charlie!!
  9. Second that my mate got tickets from Dundee tickets today from Dundee direct so give them a bell.
  10. That was your first post after joining RM Still lookin for a few morew tickets for ther game on Sat if you can help then PM me please cheers.
  11. Looking for 4 tickets for Rangers v Saints its ma birthday and cant get a hold of them anywhere... Anyone selling any would be appreciated??
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