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  1. Went to a friends for a drink and got pished and puked a good few times. Feel like shit today
  2. Hopefully. Windsor Park is a fortress and the fans intimidate the opposition. Remember Boruc
  3. "I agree with Gio Van Bronckhorst - he was a Celtic "fan" before he signed for the H*** (ie he was among our support for a game - when we beat the H*** in 1998?), and would have been great for us". Is that true?
  4. I'd love to go to Falkirk and all the away games. Certainly wouldn't bore me going there to cheer on my team This may seem strange but the Premiership is touted as the best league in the world but I honestly can't sit and watch a full watch as I'd fall asleep. SPL anyday as long as it was Rangers playing
  5. Let's see if fifa or whoever is in charge of the internationals follow up their stance by fining scotland for disgracefully booing a national anthem. I'm sure if it was Rangers then the fine would be given out already.
  6. I know this has nothing to do with Scotland and Liechtenstein but does every ground at the weekend have a minute applause for Jock Stain or is it just the feens? Hearts they have as well can't wait to see the videos of Big Jock Knew
  7. sorry misread it, thought you were having a dig at me for not liking scotland
  8. Follow Follow members get critised for calling posters that disagree with them tims, taigs and F*nians so how is this different?
  9. Why am I classed as an Irish prick for disliking scotland and it's fans?
  10. Proud to be british I doubt Northern Ireland rangers fans like to be known as Irish The reason I hate scotland fans so much is because they can't respect a countries national anthem just because it's similar to the BRITISH national even though it's scotland's real one. They hate people saying their british and all you get is no, Scotland is Independant not British even though it's not independant ( fuds from school. It is the Killie Academy so what do you expect it's infested with taigs) and apart from the bears that support them they have a bitter view on Rangers fans because of being proud t
  11. I'm sure many bears on here follow Rangers because that's who their father's supported
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