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  1. Hows it going General Bow? Can you believe they've took the keys and closed the bow club?


    we need to get the keys back asap worthy general!

  2. aye big man i held the fort while you buggered off, where have you been hiding?

  3. Aye, still partaking. Where have you been?

  4. Fuck the pope and Johnny Doyle

  5. And to you, ma man. Johnnie Gold eh? Good taste

  6. The BOW, it's the past, the present and the future. Long live the BOW!

    It gives you a belter of a sore napper though....totally worth it!

  7. Hoaw chief. You better still be on the bow!

  8. is going to fall down drunk


  10. Well, right now I'm drinking whisky so all is good. That's no bother about the deals....I forgot about it anyway!

  11. Well my bow drinking bear friend, hows life with you?

  12. Fuckin canny stand Peter Grant

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