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  1. Very emotional. Wonderful person and manager he deserves all the praise he will get.
  2. Not really but I don't care about it anymore it's been tragic and desperate for the last 3 years or so. In my experience they tend to try avoid talking about it and pretend they don't care after a decade of constantly talking about our failings. It's glorious.
  3. Never seen anything like that, astonishing
  4. That's tynecastle what was that for?
  5. Hopefully he's alright but surely his career is over.
  6. Need to keep the hammer down. Look at Liverpool once to stop it can be hard to get the intensity back.
  7. 10 long years of hurt are over Rangers are the premier club again.
  8. The first half at Motherwell wouldn't have happened. The taigs dropped 4 points that week and we went from a great position to almost certainties. The fans would have been buzzing and that performance wouldn't have happened.
  9. Win the next 4 games and we are champions. The 4th is parkhead.
  10. What is the Scottish record for unbeaten in Europe we must be close
  11. Not really much good having a high earner like this
  12. MacBoyd

    Ryan Kent

    Sensational goal
  13. Excellent coverage much better than sky
  14. I personally don't think they will. Europa I could go either way for us.
  15. Either way 6 wins in a row. Gap is obviously too big surely but I think its important to win on Sunday.
  16. Not watching them but they seem to have found some form. Need to win the next few games and get this finished.
  17. Get the 5 wasters to fuck.
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