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  1. Hope Fury flattens Wilder...Wilder is delusional with the stuff he's coming out with re cheating. I think Fury will jump on Wilder from the bell and try and get him out early. If it goes into second half of fight then there is the danger Fury could tire and Wilder will catch him with one. I think Wilder may crumble early though, I think deep down he knows Fury's got his number.
  2. Alot of pundits saying Joshua will be too big for Usyk, but I think Joshua's size could be his undoing. I think he'll struggle to get to grips with Usyk, with having to punch down and Usyk's movement. Joshua obv struggled with Ruiz and struggled to get to grips with Povetkin for a few rounds - taller fighters def make life easier for Joshua. I'm going for Joshua to run out of steam and Usyk to stop him in late rounds.
  3. I can see Strachan being in tenp charge of them by xmas, Big Angi is way out of his depth .Although to be fair to him it is some rebuild they need, assuming Edouard goes and Christie they are going to be really struggling. Angi will rely on getting players he knows from Japan or Aus who will flop or take time to settle. Title wrapped up by December.
  4. What a rip rawing arse celtic have mad of trying to appoint a new manager 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Unbelievable season for a club the size of St Johnstone 👏 A good thing for Scottish football overall, whilst I'd have loved a Rangers treble this season, at least it gives us something to aim for next season.
  6. The headlines of carnage in george sq, rioting, fighting were written before today....Krankie, GCC, Police Scotland knew thousands of fans would take to the streets - yet the only advice they put out was stay at home 🤔
  7. What a journey he's been on as Rangers player, and obviously himself. I'm sure he's only human, had those moments of self doubt, family pressure's etc etc- but has stepped up when it counts. His attitude is obviously why Gerrard made him captain - great player.
  8. Couldn’t argue if he did win it....Gerrard has over achieved in some aspects eg, the title, europe, but under achieved in domestic cup competitions - whiich were there for winning. Given budget, squad, Davison is fine by me for Scottish football Only thing that matters for me is Steven Gerrard delivered 55.
  9. Surely Chisora should retire now while he's got his health, albeit he's been in some wars so damage may be done. Not great performance from Parker, altho think its hard to look great against Chisora as he's tough and durable.
  10. I've not really followed women's boxing, but from the fights i have seen they seem to always be good tear ups! Think it'd take a while for Ruiz to get back into contention for a title shot, he'll probably be seen as one to avoid now aswell. Looking forward to Canelo v Saunders next week...I actually fancy Saunders to cause an upset or at least make it difficult for Canelo. Could see Saunders trying the Mayweather blueprint for beating him.
  11. Will be interesting to see how Parker gets on tonight against Chisora, think he'll beat him but needs to make a statement - think he's got ability just flatters to devieve abit and needs to show a killer instinct.
  12. I like the idea of a British Cup, not sure I'm as keen on a British League/us joining the EPL as I would have been 10/15 years ago. For all that is bad about scottish football, at least clubs are not not detached/so far removed from their roots/fans like so many EPL clubs are.
  13. Yes suprised it collapsed so suddenly...some must have lost thousands on it
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