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  1. What a rip rawing arse celtic have mad of trying to appoint a new manager 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Unbelievable season for a club the size of St Johnstone 👏 A good thing for Scottish football overall, whilst I'd have loved a Rangers treble this season, at least it gives us something to aim for next season.
  3. The headlines of carnage in george sq, rioting, fighting were written before today....Krankie, GCC, Police Scotland knew thousands of fans would take to the streets - yet the only advice they put out was stay at home 🤔
  4. What a journey he's been on as Rangers player, and obviously himself. I'm sure he's only human, had those moments of self doubt, family pressure's etc etc- but has stepped up when it counts. His attitude is obviously why Gerrard made him captain - great player.
  5. Couldn’t argue if he did win it....Gerrard has over achieved in some aspects eg, the title, europe, but under achieved in domestic cup competitions - whiich were there for winning. Given budget, squad, Davison is fine by me for Scottish football Only thing that matters for me is Steven Gerrard delivered 55.
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