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  1. Ok sorry was a joke.. you lot of women on here are tooo touchy with your mccoist hatred... I'll leave quietly
  2. It's true, I actually know Billy... he's daft to take this shit on...
  3. Good stuff, poor Billy taking on this pile of shite we call a team... no money, no budget and a shit football teaaaaaaaam, sounds like a cheer up song... maybe other teams can sing that to us
  4. Sweet Jesus the hatred on here is making me sick in my mouth
  5. Spent millions? in wages? We got what paid for in terms of money we payed out... Free shit players
  6. Aye its nothing to with the fact hes never been given money to buy players, hes taken over when were on our arse, the clubs cutting back more and most of the fans still think we have a 20 million pound team plus, and they blame Ally for being shit. I hope he does pack it in, its better for his health.. I can't wait to see who the next manager is with shit wages, shit players and no transfer budget.
  7. There's plenty people stolen much more from us than a man who's taking s wage cut.
  8. A money grabbing Mccoist ffs get a grip!!!!
  9. Jesus Christ Spastics are out in force. Is it the Spazzy weekend on here?
  10. I was thinking about this in bed.. Its one thing after another
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