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  1. I thought Nacho handled it well. The baldy tramp was lost for words when he was confronted. Although this could be due to the fact he clearly has the IQ of a fucking ball point pen. Absolute vermin.
  2. Wish him well. A true legend.
  3. Delighted for Bates. I read some negative comments on here pre-match but thought he was a rock today.
  4. Great win and well done Graeme Murty. 2 wins in a vital double header and the man will now leave us in 2nd spot. Fantastic response to those 2 defeats and he deserves enormous credit.
  5. Welcome big man. Looking forward to some commanding performances.
  6. Has to go now and take all his wee favourites with him. Just fuck off please.
  7. Fuckin terrible tackle. Miller's lucky to be back on his feet.
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