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  1. Would be interesting to see the impact in the interim, as I would guess Warburton has somebody in mind to come in. I worked with Jamie years ago when he was doing his sports science degree, and can remember him always been enthusiastic about discovering new techniques and advances in the discipline. Was always handy working a backshift with him if you had picked up a niggle playing at the weekend!
  2. You're 100% right. If history tells us one thing it's that their boycott didn't work... A boycott is not something to be decided upon lightly, but at this point our fan group is already so far splintered that I doubt anyone who chooses to boycott won't give a fuck what fans like you think, just as you don't care what they think and are ready to write them off as being enemies of the club.
  3. We were at thrice the level at the time though. For the level we're at, and the level we want to get to in the time he'd be here, Daly would be a good signing.
  4. One idiotic player shouldn't be taken as a representation of a whole football club.
  5. You're either playing devil's advocate very well, or you have a comprehensive lacking in common sense. The Billy Boys, all this UVF nonsense, anti religious songs and the like have no place in today's society. Green hasn't come out to tell us which songs specifically to ditch from the songbook as until now he probably hasn't been fully aware of how regressive some amongst our support are.
  6. Couldn't have said it better. An actual fan of the club supports the club without the need to bring their political and religious bias and try to attach it to the club, without tarnishing the name of the club, and as said above without thinking they are bigger than the club by going against the clubs wishes.
  7. You're right the FANS were superb and have been all season. Unfortunately these morons who go to games and sing songs that only bring disrepute to our club spoil it for the actual FANS of our club.
  8. It wasn't the football club that made the decision though. Green just bowed to pressure from the fans who were already speaking of a boycott before he decided that if he took tickets we would be at a financial loss for not selling them, and he would risk the fans not continuing to back him. The true time to boycott Tannadice was in the direct aftermath of the 2009 game. This boycott was just petty and causes divisions amongst the fans.
  9. Aye because being in the Third Division gave us a great platform to sign quality.
  10. A league of 16 is a no go due to the lack of games it provides. Whilst fewer games might actually be good for fans, clubs will point to being unable to survive with fewer matchday revenues and any tv deal will be scaled down due to fewer games that are able to be shown in a season. Do we really want more Old Firm games? Going down to 2 a season would make these games mean more, and make any cup tie between the 2 clubs more unique. English clubs already feel they play too many games a season - just look at the way most treat their League Cup and teams like Tottenham, in the past, have treated t
  11. Nah he's coming in to assist on the Govou deal for when the registration embargo's up in September.
  12. It's the Reserves Managers job he's been given. Think something's been lost in translation as it's more likely Papin was in the frame for the actual managers job before it went to Bozidar Bandovic. Though if he was in for the Reserve job then he really needs to sack his agent.
  13. Mitchell has been playing left back for the reserves, not entirely sure why when he was playing right mid last season but clearly the coaching staff see something in him playing there. Cole's just back from a long term injury so it'll be a while before he's ready to play first team football, will need a good month or two of reserve games before he's anywhere close to match sharpness. Also heard first hand that Naismith was rather cocky at Thistle, but Cole was simply shaky in his performances and that's why he didn't feature too much.
  14. Its poor journalism. That is certain, our name included is just to make it seem like a story. However the continual jump to it all being a conspiracy against us is frightening and more systematic of cross city rivals.
  15. It appears to be more guilt by association than anything else. It is indeed relating to Richard Hughes (not the ex-Portsmouth player) who co-founded Zeus Capital, the company linked to Charles Greens consortium in his takeover of the football club. The only questionable issue for the club is the stance that it has no business relationships with Zeus Capital, although that could simply be attributed to all business dealings being in the past. Put the toaster back in the kitchen Gaz! Managed to get a copy of the article for anyone who wants a read.
  16. Kay hasn't posted anything else about it, and rarely goes into detail on Twitter. While Alexi Mostrous who's written the article is a special correspondent and not a sports writer has just retweeted the following Nick Sutton ‏@suttonnickFriday's Times pp6-7: "Rangers in fresh trouble as club's key shareholder faces tax inquiry" (by @AlexiMostrous) pic.twitter.com/oYyol8op Retweeted by Alexi Mostrous
  17. Just noticed the following on Twitter. Don't read the Times so if anyone does feel free to share what is reported after they do so tomorrow. Oliver Kay ‏@OliverKayTimes There's a disturbing story about more tax issues relating to Rangers in tmrw's Times. It's by @aleximostrous, nothing to do with me ...
  18. Aye and get him to bring back Steven Davies... Seriously though where's the woodwork that these folk come out of after every poor performance?
  19. I know when has that stupid 1 up front won anything? Well apart from Chelsea's Champions League last year. But apart from that? Oh and Barcelona's 14 trophies in 4 years. Spain's Euros - World Cup - Euros treble. Us in the League Cup a couple of seasons ago. Dortmund's last 2 titles. But aye you're right it is a silly formation and that's the problem...
  20. So there's around 7k disparity between the figures, meaning they official reported by the BBC could have taken into account ticket sales that did not show up while the police figure takes in the actual number of punters in the stadium... the exact same method used by all clubs. I get the feeling some folk care more about celtic failing than Rangers succeeding.
  21. And neither of them spell their name with 2 a's -> McKay
  22. So he either wants more money or is annoyed that Modric signing has temporarily stolen the limelight from him. His diva like strops are the reason he'll never better Messi as a player.
  23. Alexander Argyriou Perry Faure Wallace Black MacLeod Little Shiels Templeton McCulloch
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