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  1. Police Scotland would’ve been on the park with lights blazing if there had been a hint of sectarian abuse but this ?? Match Commander should’ve asked the players what went on and left the ball in his court. Did he ? Did he fuck ?
  2. 4152 a lot of water under the bridge and good Bears no longer here.
  3. This has never looked so good.
  4. I sense a Wrong being Righted
  5. Sharknado 2 Tims On Tour Oh hell no it’s Dingwall 🦈
  6. It’s easy to write, it’s far far harder to wait. I totally agree with your post, it’s just the expectation of 55 against the thought of imploding against they fuckers is just so, so unpalatable. It physically makes me ill thinking that we could blow this. Even yesterday all over Kilmarnock, at times I couldn’t watch, just in case a stupid slip, a bobble of the ball or a rush of blood tackle could fuck us up. Once 55 is in the bag, the belief will surge through this team, Champions against the odds. Beating a shower who have manipulated, schemed and have financial cl
  7. Myself and fellow Bear were working during this and had to listen on iPhone BBC patchy listening at best, the amount of Rangers players who weren’t mentioned was quite alarming. Form has fell off a cliff. Was there any decent play ? were they hiding ? think the jobs done ? don’t have the motivation ? Should not be struggling like this it’s far too important
  8. Football has and should still be a meritocracy, you win games you win leagues you get promoted. You win games and points or cups and qualify for Europe. A closed shop leads to staleness and unfairness. If this had come about when we were in the Scottish 2, how would we ever have gotten in ? As for the SPFL, the split is a fucking con job unfair on every level. You should play your fuckin opponents home and away the same number of times, not this fabricated top six bullshit.
  9. I think some of them have been waited with baited breath on us going off the boil. They were waiting on the “majestic sellick “ coming up the rails and watch us implode. But dearie fuckin me is the Doc Martin now on the other foot ? “Best fans in the Wurld “ Tried to attack there own players, fought with the Polis on the streets outside the Paedodome. SFA lapdogs didn’t even sanction a mention against them. If it had been us ? Armageddon, put them in the Lowland League. It’s so obvious who the Press haters are and we should do the only thing possible hur
  10. He’s not been here that long but has had periods where he just not quite disappears but can struggle to fill the jersey.
  11. Wi all the shite that’s going on wi the Mhanky Mob and we tip up and can’t defend ?? FFS
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