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  1. I wish McCoist had thought like that
  2. "But Record Sport understands " = We have made this up, same as the rest of the shit we print
  3. And who are these "people that matter" ? UEFA ...... Paedo FC ....... Scottish Media ........ SNP ? It doesn't mean Catholic to me, one of my best friends is 52yrs of age born and raised a Roman Catholic but he is as big a Rangers man I know so you are telling me that these "people that matter" say I'm including him in any chants/songs I have about Fenians ? Nah mate don't think so and neither does he Why don't the club & club1872 come out and tell these fux that attack us day after day, week after week etc etc exactly what the real meaning is......... FENIAN is not a Religion .....
  4. You actually believe there has been no Fenians since the 18th century 😂
  5. You cant answer my question 😂😂😂😂
  6. That's a pile of shite 😂😂
  7. So now you are telling me what I'm meaning when I call someone a Fenian 😂😂 yet you still cant answer my initial question
  8. I have no idea where the church of H*** is and nor do I care, as stated I know exactly what a Fenian is so now I will ask you again what religion is a Fenian ? and don't give me the usual media peddled pish
  9. So what religion is Fenian & where is the church of Fenians ? I know what a Fenian is but its dressed up by our haters to mean something else
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