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  1. RIP, Thoughts are with his family and friends
  2. I seen this and thought ffs haha. I'm ecstatic the club are making strides forward in terms of sponsorship for the club but ffs if they expect the support to travel solely on TC aircraft etc the fanbase will miss the game. You just have to look at their flight delays for the past 2 months alone. I've Just returned from holiday with TC and 31hrs delay to the holiday & 8hrs from the destination home ? horriffic customer service :/ As KAI has said sky scanner all the way.
  3. I think bates has a big future, Will he regret leaving us? He probably will come time. As the old saying goes "No one is bigger than the club", although he should have been offered a bigger deal given hes been our best defender of late.
  4. Very sad news but here's hoping he makes a full recovery
  5. I think we were all guilty of thinking that at one point this season
  6. LMAO he certainly likes to be made out as one super hero who saves the day.
  7. Good game the youngsters show a good deal of what the 1st can't do, slick passing, good movement and the ability to get stuck in. Well done the young ones
  8. Murty has to be removed but imo Stewart Robertson has to go too...
  9. It's f*cking embarrassing. The performances of the team and management, the managerial situation, the boards lack of leadership. 2nd is but a dream with this shower calling the shots TWS
  10. Hard to disagree with any of that. Surely the alarm bells are ringing. 3 years they've been in charge still no nomad, all the sponsorships run out this season still nothing of note mentioned. The players contract offers situation, managerial situation = clusterfuck Its been 5 months since murty was given the gig, I actually hope they've looked at other managers and have a list etc and are ready to act.
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