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  1. i was hoping he would be there for at least 1 season.
  2. I'll buy them off you fella
  3. I'd be more worried if we weren't 8 points clear. To be honest I'm happy to grind out results 1-0 if we are promoted at the end of the season
  4. mafia32


    all strikers go through lean periods. I think a game or two rest may benefit him on the other hand other players need to step up to the plate
  5. Same old story keepers having the game of their lives against us and poor finishing. Kenny millar speaks well when interviewed, anyone think he's being prepped for a future role?
  6. Taken from the BBC Speaking after his side's 4-0 Scottish Championship victory over Dumbarton, Warburton said his only focus was continuing his work at Ibrox. "I respectfully always answer questions," he told BBC Scotland. "I'm manager of Rangers and it's disrespectful to Rangers and to a club like Fulham, who conduct their business in the right manner. "I'm sure they'll be disappointed in these rumours." Tbh i think he's here until his preferred premier league team come in for him or a decent European team
  7. Wished I'd seen this earlier ?
  8. Sorry to hear that, thoughts with you and the family ?
  9. So where is everyone who's watching the game in Orlando tonight going?
  10. Lmao who's all up for a rm meet up for the games.?
  11. If only millers would show it. For what it's with the Lucky Leprechaun Irish Pub, 7032 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 said they would show it when I asked on an Orlando page who was likely to show it.
  12. To be honest the question is Why should we be asking the chairman to Spunk 30 million ? we've done all right so far with transfers. Warburton has said the backing is there :/ What do we need the 30 mil for at present?
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