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  1. our team plays some nice touches then 2 mins later look like headless chickens.... Cant fathom it at all.
  2. It's a huge lift after the pish we've had to endure the past few weeks (or in reality years) As others have said its hard not to get excited & caught in the moment.
  3. Should be an interesting day :) KAI you enjoying the use of that wooden spoon
  4. He's a fucking cockatop listening to him the now
  5. has the new shirt sponsor been announced yet or do we still 32red for another season? How long is left with SD in relation to sponsorships. Would these not be classed as investment? If they are due to be renewed I'm sure there Will be a lump sum front loaded possibly from the new sponsors. Hopefully no dodgy deals with companies like ticketus.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if a new invester from the states has been found and this has been one of the stipulations. Either way the sooner it's confirmed he has joined the better then the hard work can begin.
  7. i was just starting to wonder that myself..... Did gunslinger ever re appear under an alias?
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