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  1. Can't believe Hearts let that wee guy go, great wee player for us.
  2. We had a stinker today Tav had his worst game for us so far, glad we have a transfer window to strengthen the team because without it we are struggling, we have been rank for nearly 2 months.
  3. I was expecting a St Johnstone the day but we did brilliant to come back from a goal down then when we missed the penalty we showed grit & detemination to get the winner, signs of champions I'm happy, watp!
  4. cant be that blue if it's got a chapel lol Ferry village not a tarrier in sight
  5. Best young player to come out of the youth system since Ferguson I'd take him back in a heart beat, whenever he was out the team with injury our form dipped everytime.
  6. I remember when the mearns was a decent place to live over developed soulless place these days,giffnock, milngavie n bearsden much better places to live .
  7. he won one at the start of the season, the rangers challenge was the worst one so far of the series was expecting something special from us.
  8. his face when he played against big duncs, he got scared that day, top bloke is Jimmy.
  9. Superb people think I'm a loony here cheering at my phone lol
  10. Yes well in Tav, missed the game due to wedding the day RM is the best way for updates.
  11. With a young team your always going to get stinker games, today was always going to be a tough game, watp
  12. The wanker painter should realise he's just hated nowt to do with somebody having it in for him at Ibrox, totally despise that wee dwarf bastard never thought I'd ever hate a Rangers player in my life then he signed, brought it all on himself.
  13. Hopefully win it as early as possible so we can show boat the remainder games because I love criminal activity.
  14. Well done young man upwards onwards for him in his career.
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