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  1. If that's meant to be sinclair, he hasny half put the height on did she post the wrong hubby
  2. Wonder if FARE could report them ,retrospectively .
  3. Has this Napoli pish came out because they're playing in the CL tonight ,bit funny that
  4. Not to worry ,they'll be having a vote ,where they can vote for their own lot , in a competition where the filth are the only team on the list ffs,
  5. N that's the same Craig Brown that whilst the manager of Scotland , after another defeat said ,"We beat them on corners " , he's been aff his nut for years ffs
  6. panic buying , lee oconner fae man u ,n frimpong fae man city
  7. Wonder if uefa find what the taigs were upto, is more dangerous to persons lifes than some bad words Highly unlikely, n especially so if lieswell has anything to do with it
  8. FFS looks like lieswell n desmond have kidnapped tlb
  9. Oh the deluded green n grey really do think they're a CL team ffs , lieswell appointed last week to a four man council ,on CL reform , then they're mentioning one of their favourites in "sporting integrity" again , also been working for "three years " to have these reform proposals ,ready for delivery celtic have joined forces with Ajax and FC Copenhagen to be the architects of a new Champions League format that favours club, rather than country coefficients and slashes the number of big teams who are automatically guaranteed a Group Stage slot. The Hoops missed out
  10. Hahaha didn't know hes 19 ffs ,is that stones yer talking about mate
  11. their new signing at the game yesterday , jonathan afolabi , looks to be in shock ffs (have a caption competition )
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