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  1. Not one team could cross the ball into the box or finish a better than half chance ffs dreadfull quality
  2. Nice to see that bargain of a taig ,no even making the gunners squad again ,lennon said he would play again in a fortnight for them (tarriers) ,said about two month ago ,
  3. If that's meant to be sinclair, he hasny half put the height on did she post the wrong hubby
  4. If by elbowed ye mean assaulted, aye ,coulda got less stitches if he was slashed ffs
  5. 20 stitches off that cunt that led with his elbow twice against two of our players ,within the space of two seconds, intentionally ffs
  6. Ball in the air too often (cause the pitch is garbage) leads to them leading with elbow ,with possible injuries occurring,
  7. It's a competition, congratulations...........you won fuck all
  8. Wonder if FARE could report them ,retrospectively .
  9. Wouldny be surprised if they have said their friends from the east end can join with them some some jolly craic
  10. He already looked like he'd cracked ,during yesterdays (Immigration / Migration proposed bill to get they powers devolved to holyrood )
  11. Disgusting disrespectful filth ,they just cannot help themselves. BASTARDS
  12. Has this Napoli pish came out because they're playing in the CL tonight ,bit funny that
  13. Get them n their shitey name as far to fuck .probably thought of by posh ,its that bad
  14. If the taigs have any connection to them ,wouldny be surprised if some of them try n join them ,not the full way mind you ,to try n start bother
  15. (no seen a thread on it,if there is one ,delete this) 'Hundreds' of Feyenoord supporters are expected to march through Glasgow on Thursday night ahead of their first Europa League face-off with Rangers. The fanbase will reportedly gather in George Square to 'let the drink flow' in the hours leading up to the match. But it is unclear how many people will be in attendance after it emerged the club are struggling to sell tickets for the showdown. According to local Dutch media, they will begin walking from the square to Ibrox Stadium at 5pm, where they are expected to arrive an hour and a half before kick-off at 8pm. It comes after the team was ordered to shut a section of their stadium for their league match on Sunday after being punished for letting off firecrackers. The Dutch FA issued the order after the use of firecrackers and flares during a volatile clash last season. But the chairmen of supporters association FSV De Feijenoorder, Remco Ravenhorst, says he does not expect any problems during the city march. He said: "Why wouldn't the supporters do that? I don't expect any problems. In countries such as Scotland and England, the police have affairs in order. " Police Scotland have been working closely with the club, and say they are well aware of the plan for some fans to march through the city centre. Superintendent Craig Smith, the officer in charge of the policing operation for the Rangers v Feyenoord Europa League match, said: "Our extensive planning is well-underway and when Rangers and Feyenoord meet in the Europa League in Glasgow there will be a comprehensive policing plan in place. "We have been working closely with both clubs and others, such as British Transport Police, to ensure everyone who travels to the match, including those who want to walk to Ibrox Stadium, can do so safely and watch the match in a secure environment." (police are way over the mark here , considering their problems with flares n also the drinking they think their gonna have ,n they want to arrive at the stadium hour n half early )
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