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  1. jelavic get your uncle to sort that wee prick lennon out
  2. too much negativity on this forum, cmon the rangers !!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. why must we get put out the cups to win the league ?? we are already in a final of one of them but suppose we better just no turn up.
  4. strength hahahaha, your funny
  5. if he is given the job, the board better back him and provide him with some funds. also ally get some bosmans sorted
  6. i fear for edu if any rangers fan sees him in the street tonight he deserves an earful
  7. just change the tactics ffs, its so simple. drop weir and play higher up the park and play 2 upfront
  8. a wish!!!! as i said we need to get the finger out but looking back at the last OF game we played poor but we had more than enough chances to win the game. jelavic has had a few more games to get his sharpness back and also the fact mulgrew is center half pleases me, no point denying what our tactics will be but there effective. better players ???? they would be lucky if 3 of their players even got near our team and I await your apology
  9. the only plan walter has for sunday is to sit back for aslong as possible then last 15mins try and nick a winner
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