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  1. I don't think he expected them to deposit the transfer and signing on fees into his account with instructions to do the deal!
  2. Maybe they were just being polite? Keep tipping the club off, mate, you might unearth a wee gem one of these days and Rangers will listen.
  3. What was wrong with the other thread about him?
  4. We won a watch getting rid if him for that sort of money.
  5. I prefer to look at the whole picture. As you say, it depends on your philosophy.
  6. He was a fantastic player for us in his first spell, but only showed glimpses of that form on his return. He gave up, or lost, the Rangers captaincy, something he claimed to cherish, on 3 separate occasions and under 3 different managers. Not the actions of a legend in my eyes.
  7. The only person who thinks he's a left winger is Smith.
  8. Where are all the Valencia-based Bears heading for tonight?
  9. That's the traditional early breakfast pint gone down. My trip has now officially begun! :-D Bring it on, Pedro!
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