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  1. http://ekla.in/trends/rob-kiernan.html Trending worldwide now apparently
  2. If they could do their job without the usual digs at what league we are in we wouldn't all need to be so precious
  3. Hi Nacho Got my scarves today thanks for all your efforts in such circumstances really appreciated But I need to PM you about something if that's ok? Thanks again to everyone involved
  4. Just ordered & paid for 3 new & 2 more original scarves. Thanks again nacho man!
  5. 3 for me this time Nacho Man. And a big thanks to everyone involved in getting these done!! :21:
  6. Disappointed I didn't get any shifty eyes to be honest!
  7. Will he cross himself every time he scores?!?
  8. Thanks again Nacho. Wore my scarf to the game & we both enjoyed the party Saw 3 others hope you all enjoyed the day! :21:
  9. Just got home and my 2 scarves were waiting :21: Even better than expected. Thanks for all the time and effort Nacho & your brother lol :21:
  10. Oops 55...The excitement got to me!
  11. 5 Titles!! and still going strong doo roo roo doo roo roo 5
  12. 2 scarves paid with paypal - thanks again for all the time & effort - much appreciated
  13. I voted yes as I think Ally deserves more time. As for the ones who said this is his 2nd season in charge, you can hardly call the nightmare of last season a fair trial can you?!?
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