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  1. Not sure how much it is now, but it was that at one point, Wants about 5/6 mill for it which at the moment they just cant afford to buy back. Its a huge amount they have to pay for the attendance they have, Not a well liked man at all in Bradford by some. Hopefully they can buy it soon as it would free up a huge sum for wages and transfers. Though when he did own City he actually had a free open day for city fans with season tickets, got as many people to go for free and wear the teams colours, I didnt go as was before my time in bradford but people said it was good fun.
  2. Gordon Gibb the guy who owns Flamingo Land, Used to own Bradford City, infact he still owns the stadium Just a wee stat for you
  3. the whole welcome to manchester thing, pissed off united for tevez, or the west ham one when he more or less saved them.
  4. Anzi offered them over 200 mill and had the opportunity to speak to him. He rejected them though
  5. i have a half and half gers - fiorentina , thats it, never worn it, purely for my memeto cupboard.
  6. would be nice, but am guessing the SFA woud choose Hampden
  7. Edit, Germany have said their city is Berlin not Munich
  8. could be lethal if you get england playing 3 matches in a week in glasgow, dublin haha, even worse if istanbul
  9. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/jan/25/euro-2020-13-cities-continent-uefa Wembley Stadium is to bid to stage the climax of the tournament and is expected to face rival bids from Rome, Berlin, Madrid and Istanbul. Host countries will not qualify automatically but if they do, their national team will be guaranteed to play at least two of the three group matches at home, Infantino confirmed. He said: "The matches of the Euro will be split into 13 packages – 12 cities who will have three group stage matches and one knock-out round match and one city will host the two semi-finals and final.
  10. anyways as nice as it has been chatting with you, this is just roundabout and I can feel another about population. as am sure you will include greater manchester etc etc which isnt anything to with manchester. Its been fun
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