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  1. McCulloch has been good this season in the defensive mid position. Yes he probably was partly to blame for Hayes goal, but theres something wrong when a winger can run from his own box and have that time to put it in the top corner, so to blame one player when the boys ran past say 5 before that is a bit unfair. McCulloch done really well in the Champions League so its a bit unfair to make him a scapegoat for this, players have off days, but McCulloch has had more good than bad this season so this argument is just going to start again the next time we drop points.
  2. the numbers worn in pre-season are what the official numbers are, like Broadfoot 4, Edu 7 and Lafferty 11.
  3. just realised i wasn't signed in when i made this topic so it was made by me if you're wondering about the same name thing, never knew guests could post topics..
  4. Mido asked for £1K a week because he knew he hadn't lived up to his expectations, he wanted to prove that he was good enough to play and didn't want to take money from West Ham if he wasn't playing well enough. If i remember correctly, Ilans wages are around £30K and Francos are much higher, hes closer to around £50K, there was a pdf file going around with the West Ham squads wages on it and there was some really stupid ones, i know its off topic but according to that then Zavon Hines was on around £400 a week. Back to the point, Ilan and Franco would run riot up here, i think Mido would do a
  5. If they've had to get a school near Lennoxtown to combine the education and training then it will probably be the St Ninians in Kirkintilloch
  6. Paranormal Activity is jumpy at some bits, i didn't like the alternate ending on the dvd but the normal ending is real scary, total unexpected!
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