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  1. Why would Dortmund agree to that ? Berbatov is on ridiculous wages and wouldn't suit their style of play at all . That would be a good deal for them bastards united , but Dortmund should just hold out for as much money as possible if they're resigned to losing one of the top young strikers in Europe .

    I actually meant to put that in and had forgotten! Not saying its a great deal for Dortmund but Berbatov was prolific in Germany at Leverkusen, and they are looking to replace him with Dzeko so they'd have to spend mega money on transfer fee and wages anyway.

    Just thought it'd be worth a shout from Man U to at least try it, rather than spend big again!

  2. McCulloch has been good this season in the defensive mid position. Yes he probably was partly to blame for Hayes goal, but theres something wrong when a winger can run from his own box and have that time to put it in the top corner, so to blame one player when the boys ran past say 5 before that is a bit unfair.

    McCulloch done really well in the Champions League so its a bit unfair to make him a scapegoat for this, players have off days, but McCulloch has had more good than bad this season so this argument is just going to start again the next time we drop points.

  3. Mido was on £1k a week for a reason....he is completely and utterly shite.

    The other 2 are no more than average and i would not be bringing either of them to Rangers.

    We can do a lot better.

    Mido asked for £1K a week because he knew he hadn't lived up to his expectations, he wanted to prove that he was good enough to play and didn't want to take money from West Ham if he wasn't playing well enough. If i remember correctly, Ilans wages are around £30K and Francos are much higher, hes closer to around £50K, there was a pdf file going around with the West Ham squads wages on it and there was some really stupid ones, i know its off topic but according to that then Zavon Hines was on around £400 a week.

    Back to the point, Ilan and Franco would run riot up here, i think Mido would do a job up here if he wanted to play, he would be too much like Cousin and i don't think that is the type of player that we are wanting to bring in, especially after the bond that seems to be within the squad just now.

  4. YSP :cool:

    Bunch of wee fannys really, never do anything big and if you Youtube them then you see how bad it is ;)

    youtube them haha were is it your from then.

    it was a dream to be part of the springburn young team :P

    Im from Springburn myself, but seen a vid not to long ago on Youtube and it was the 'Young Teem', quite embarrassing i've gotta say :P

    Oh it was a dream alright :craphead:

  5. I actually seen him in town today...or someone who is the spitting image of him.

    He was walking past Boots in Sauchiehall Street, with that same expression on his face nad was wearing a nice wee blue Berghaus jacket haha

    you should have stopped him and asked if he wants to go for some tenpin bowling

    I'm not the biggest fan of bowling myself tbf. :craphead:

    If i was quick enough to react, i would've took a picture of him so you could see him outside of his room :ph34r:

  6. guys dont want to put a dampener on things but i have herd from a jjb manager that the new shirt is to be made by Champion the same as Wigan, and the new N.I top will be the same. Apparently this is a compant closly associated with Dave Whelan

    Dave Whelan doesnt own JJB anymore though does he?

    But it is Umbro, got told in work the other day

  7. Got told today in work that as we have 1 year left on our Umbro contract then we have Umbro as our kit makers next season and thats the last time.

    this is the last year of our contract with umbro,it has been on the Rangers website telling us this.

    Only going by what I was told in work, our area manager is the Liason(sp?) between Rangers and JJB so thats how our shop manager found out.

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