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  1. It would surprise me if either on Saturday or Monday the manager let the players have their "discussion" and Joey too him up in his offer and laid into a few of them with some home truths. The irony is that Barton is the bad guy with the fans on RM but if they knew the truth they might be in agreement with him. I'm purely speculating, but it wouldn't surprise me if that is what happened.

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      I wouldn't be too surprised there either mate. TBH the whole Andy Halliday superbear thing is wearing a bit thin, Id take him supporting Celtic if he played a 9/10 every week.

    2. Turnberry18


      I totally agree. He is outdoing Barry Ferguson and I thought that would be impossible. Barton is an honest guy, whether we like him or not he is too conscientious to be left in one of those post match meetings and for it not to kick off. He probably laid into those who think they are untouchable. Warburton might have even told him to go and get his head sorted and come back next week. At the Hamilton match Foderingham was in the wrong pinpointing Halliday at the corner, but those things happen in a match, they way Halliday took it said a lot. This stone's throw from Copeland Road stuff is tiring, even Alex MacDonald doesn't seem to have played that card.  Barton is finding out that you can do many things, but it's almost impossible to redo a reputation.

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