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  1. According to a first team player they are absolutely fuming about it. Understandably.
  2. This was my experience of it too. I was at the front of the North Stand and was unable to exit the ground so just had to stand there and hope for the best. They were pelting us with coins and trying to goad us onto the field, some were trying to get into the stand. The police and stewards were heavily outnumbered and just stood and watched. They then came charging down the stairways and caused absolute mayhem as fans couldn't get out.
  3. The policing was an utter shambles and it's only through sheer luck that someone wasn't seriously injured or worse.
  4. This is 100% true. The management are absolutely raging about it.
  5. I agree with him. I think the correct punishment would be to play behind closed doors. Nothing less should be acceptable.
  6. You really do have to laugh at English's outrage at being called out by the board. It is not before time. He and many of his colleagues at BBC Scotland have helped to ferment a lot of the poison that is poured upon our club and its support from supporters all over the country. Yesterday we saw that poison manifest itself into violence against our players and staff and our supporters. These chancers have had so many free kicks at our club they now think they are invincible.
  7. 'How dare they defend themselves!' I hope our board are prepared for the backlash. This is going to rumble on and on. I have every faith in them, but we must not bow an inch to these bastards.
  8. English is a wretched sack of spunk. No mistake, he was itching to blame Rangers yesterday on Twitter and was calling for calm and a collection of evidence before passing any judgement on the action of the Hibs' neds.
  9. http://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/club-statement-60/
  10. He is a future Hall of Famer. No doubt. Just a shame he was on the losing side yesterday.
  11. Hibs have always been scum. This happens regularly when we visit Easter Rd. Fans, buses attacked every single time.
  12. Apparently one of the Hibs fans who invaded the pitch and confronted Foderingham. An SFA intern. You couldn't make it up.
  13. Honestly cannot believe what I'm reading. Our players and staff members were assaulted by those dirty bastards and you're blaming the Rangers support. Worse than a tim.
  14. They should be made to play behind closed doors. That behaviour was f*cking intolerable. Huge questions must be asked about the policing. They just stood and watched the Hibs fans invading the park and allowed them to charge at our fans. That was so close to being a full scale riot and only the restraint of our supporters actually stopped it happening. Hibs must be hammered for this, and prosecutions better follow.
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