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  1. lack of fee are surely freeing ip cash for wages for wages! Good business being done so far !
  2. In warbs we trust! Need some older heads to bring the youth up and Barton will have brown in his pocket! Hopefuly welcome to rangers joey barton no one likes us we don't care!
  3. Looking for two tickets ! Wasnt successful in the ballot as I got old firm tickets but had no mean to pick them up or go as a result of work. Even tho I did not purchase the tickets it was put down as successful , removing me for the final ballot . Any tickets would be much appreciated cheers lads
  4. I've got two ! Got tickets for the old firm but didn't manage to pick it up in time and because I was successful (even tho I didn't get it ) I wasn't eligible for the ballot !
  5. Looking for two if anyone is feeling generous! Didn't get put in the ballot even though I didn't get one for the old firm
  6. Anyone got any links that work on iPhone ?? Stuck in work and can't get sky go to work
  7. I've been to many old firm games ! Didn't make this one because of work but you cannot replicated the feelings during that game! Thought I was gonna have a heart attack! We are indeed the people !!!
  8. I've got a feeling magic hat is up to something! Waggy and Harry will be in the team!! Show Ronny right up for saying it's not just another game! Mind games!
  9. Think it's George and the dragon, games moved from there from the fox and the hound last I knew
  10. There's a English pub on International drive , can't mind the name of it up near wet and wild watched the games there last Christmas
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