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  1. It was a magic moment when Edu scored. One of those great moments that being a Rangers fan is all about. The whole end went mental and the party and before and after the game will always be remembered.
  2. Contain yourself there Gary. You'll be needing that when ye get there
  3. Had a look at 606 as I usually do and they were actually defending this video because it happened "a couple of years back or so". Still no excuse and they said our excuse was to "find something bad about c*ltic fans". The irony of that just killed it for me tbh.
  4. I will need to discuss it first with a couple of folk but I will get back to you.
  5. The story was funny because it reaks of fail but it was the "nuclear blast" part that got me.
  6. I love Xabi Alonso. Never have I seen someone pass a ball such a distance with such precision
  7. He always will be overrated by the Englisha dn underrated by everyone else simply because it's Beckham
  8. I'm in the travel club but don't have a card yet would that be a problem???
  9. Well lest concentrate on winning tomorrow and them look forward to Wednesday and take it from there.
  10. Yes they are but one man ain't gonna change that. David Healy made no impact and when he came on and he has more passion that the majority of the team but last Sunday was just a piss poor performance that no man could change through passion alone.
  11. Ye can't base a teams passion and will to win on one game
  12. If you think the Rangers team don't give a fuck you should really watch a replay of Thursday game. FFS!!!
  13. but who's to say Novo would score???? and so you are saying because we might miss a penalty that we miss Novo???
  14. Penalties are down to pot luck tbh. If it's on target there is nothing you can do if the keeper saves it
  15. Not a hangover mate just lack of sleep but I was tiny wee bit rough around the edges yesterday.
  16. Fuck singing an anthem for gays and taigs not that I have anything against gay people
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