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  1. I’m running out of words to describe that breed. 😂
  2. That club are honestly bonkers doesn’t matter what type of character you’re hired. They obviously knew it was him after it being front page news although backgrounds checks aren’t their thing when it comes to hiring people.
  3. Really? Whereabouts did you hear/read about that? I’m no surprised due to the hypocrisy of this shithole atm.
  4. He definitely doesn’t or he wouldn’t have tried to defend it.
  5. He really wasn’t 😂 He was trying to defend the indefensible.
  6. Tenners bet none will be from an old firm game.
  7. I would admire him doubling down and sticking to his guns especially in this time we live in if it wasn’t such a fool’s errand. It’s an argument he’s never going to win.
  8. They would settle down certainly and it would have been just damage limitation but he’s let the rubber ring go and just letting the current take him now.
  9. And that’s the bingo right there! They do something bad it’s a “football fan” or a random person. One of us does something no matter the subject “Rangers fan” is the start of the headline.
  10. The guy clearly misses the point and just comes across even worse than before. He’s just made it 100x worse for himself too. I would like to think he acted alone in that status too because I couldn’t comprehend somebody actually agreeing that was a good idea to post that.
  11. I’m no sure that was tims but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it was. It quite obviously had been planned knowing fine well it was just a woman and child in the house.
  12. Exactly he was best player on the park 3 of the 4 old firm games last season.
  13. Something to lighten up the mood again! They really are pulling out the straws because we’ve signed Kent!
  14. Remember it’s only point scoring when their horrible deeds have been mentioned.
  15. Getting fucking right into them from the start Rangers!
  16. Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane are even bigger dinosaurs than Lennon now, the Forrest players personally went to the chairman and got O’Neill sacked whilst his sidekick had fucked off to get another managers job that he’ll never get. I’d be delighted if that’s who they went for.
  17. Just need to make sure Ralston doesn’t turn round and laugh at it him that’ll really teach Morelos a lesson.
  18. He is treated like a hero for that whilst Neymar spent the full night ripping the pish out him but because he laughed back at him he came out a hero from a 5-0 scudding. It’s beyond bizarre.
  19. Sounds like Adam Matthews has a new phone number and Lennon can’t get a hold of it so they just took this guy because he was available.
  20. Mcgregor was player of the year at Hull in his final season and as you said 1st choice keeper for the majority of his time there is no comparison between the two.
  21. 4 games in 2 years with 1 senior appearance in a 3-0 defeat I’d fancy Morelos and Defoe’s chances against big playdoh face any day.
  22. Bill Gates is a bigot. Say no to sectarian apps.
  23. Inevitably when VAR comes to Scottish football in the future they will still moan the face off every cunt when they don’t get their way. They will claim the system is broken, software malfunction or tampering you name it they’ll use it.
  24. It’s came back to me now it was jelavic with their keeper was it not? In the grand scheme of things it meant fuck all anyway we still won.
  25. I was at that final and I can’t even remember that happening. 😂
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